Sunday, December 8, 2013

it is cold outside

Brrrr is all I can say.  This Artic cold front has certainly been far reaching and lingereing...today has been 'warmer' and no wind.  Apparently it will take a few more days to return to our normal December weather, mild and wet.  And the chance of some flurries.

For the first time in many years we're having a real Christmas tree.  It's a cut tree, a Noble Fir and the boughs/needles are very soft.  At present it's still out on the patio in a bucket of water (and ice).  We'll do some of the decorating later this week and save some for our grandsons to do.  Fingers crossed that this is a good idea...decorating not undecorating, we'll see.

Shoulder problems in November changed up my plans for stitching and knitting....along with everything else.  Physio appointments have helped somewhat, along with exercises but the problem lingers on.   Meanwhile knitting needles are out, some things can't wait. No picture yet but I have completed a hat, knit over three needles.  It was a first for me.  Maybe just maybe I'll get brave enough to try a pair of socks.

Quincy seems to be holding a course.  Although he has lost weight, at this point he seems to be holding at a level.  As for the blood glucose numbers, still higher than they should be, even with increases in insulin.  So we continue with vet visits/number checks.  His energy level is better...and yes, he does manage to get into mischief.  Be it socks, shoes or hiding in one of the rooms ....he does like a challenge.  Insulin shots continue twice a day, it's part of  the daily routine now.   He's a special little dog.

Christmas is coming so quickly now, add to this a couple of December birthdays and one anniversary and it's the making of busy days ahead.

My plan is to try do some baking this week.  The ingredients have been purchased so now to plan one or two evenings this week and get baking.  Small amounts, lots of variety, and very little sampling on my part.

Stay warm, stay happy!

till next time ...


Saturday, October 19, 2013

out of the fog....

Finally the fog has lifted, even for a short while it makes a nice change.  Now, if we could try for a bit of sunshine!

This fall continues beautiful.  The range of colors on the trees are striking....I really must take more pictures, soon, before the leaves are all on the ground.

On the homefront things are falling into place with the new routine for Quincy.  He's so good at coming for his insulin shots.  More tests are scheduled for Monday and hopefully this will give us a better idea of how things really are.

Knitting project continue, another scarf finished but no photo yet.  Stitching is on the go as well.  And a new cross stitch chart purchased, Halloween Greetings by Passione Ricamo (not like I really needed something new, this chart is delightful).  Now to kit it up and have it waiting in the wings...

This afternoon has been cooking day, for the week ahead  and the last dish is ready to come out of the oven.

So that's it from this corner.  


Monday, October 14, 2013

Giving thanks

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's been a good weekend, not quite how we had planned things but nice all the same.   Beautiful sunny days and very cool nights.

For our grandsons, 'the bugs in the house go round and round'....actually it could have been any source, school, daycare, anywhere.... the end result the same,  Thanksgiving meal with daughter, son in law and grandsons postponed.   We did have turkey and trimmings and enjoyed the company of my parents.  They too are dealing with health issues so their visit/dinner time was cut quite short.  So many changes for them, I wish it was different.

DH  had two days off ...in a row...really nice except he works an afternoon/evening shift today.  And then there were two, Quincy and me.   And this week Quincy has had his share of health issues, as of last Monday it was determined he is diabetic.  As of Wednesday, we have a new routine with twice a day insulin shots for the little guy.   Fingers crossed that things continue to go well.

My blogging has been quiet for some time.  And  although I finally realize that the big stuff I can't change as I would hope to,  I can  do something about the small stuff.   It's never giving up, believing and sometimes finding that silver lining.......

I do apologize to my followers.  I really enjoy reading your blogs and appreciate your comments on mine.  I will work on leaving more comments on yours.

And truly, I do give thanks, for DH, family and friends, living a good life,  enjoying creative endeavours and sharing with you on my blog.


Saturday, September 28, 2013

Pumpkins for Cathey

Happy blogoversary Cathey!   Please check out Pumpkin's blog at  pumpkinpatchandco.blogspot.ca

till next time  .....


Sunday, September 8, 2013

see you in September ...

September mornings are lovely.  There is a definite coolness along with a later sunrise each day.  It was even foggy. Trees are starting to show color....  Nice.

Thursday afternoon and early evening a very miserable storm came through.  It started with rolling thunder, not much, just enough to get the attention of one little dog....thunder, bark, thunder, bark and so it continued for the next few hours.   Thunder claps moved closer, along with lightening under one or two very loud cracks and then TV/internet/phone service was out.   Power remained on in our area.  For Metro Vancouver, in an hour there were 200 lightening strikes.  This continued out the Fraser Valley as well.   To round out the evening the heavy rain started, so much so the parking lot looked like a small river coming through it.  And when it seemed to be done, the rain came down even heavier.  Eventually calm did return.  And there was quiet in the household too.   From all his guard duty/barking Quincy had to catch up on his zzz's.   I made a cup of tea, put the radio on and had some stitching time.  By the time DH got home from work, it was dry outdoors, TV etc was working again, all was well.

It must be late summer madness....went to the market and along with regular purchases picked up a case each of pears, peaches and tomatoes.   The first two are 20 lb boxs which sound like alot but really isn't that much but the time you take some out for fresh eating/sharing with family.  As for the tomatoes, the 40lb box of #2's was the same price as the 20 lb box of #1's so of course it was the larger box.  Roma tomatoes are wonderful,  I just keep telling myself that.   There is one pot cooking on the stove for sauce.  Another batch will be for the Tomato Salsa recipe from the Mennonite Girls Can Cook blog.  Fresh tomatoes are added to everything!  I will use some of the pears to make pear butter.  Very easy oven recipe.....it's like applesauce but with pears.  Once cooked the ladled in to canning jars and a short water bath.

To add to "what to do"  that wasn't planned,  one of the wire closet shelving came adrift from the wall.  Great....take everything out, including stowed away dog toys....really neat thinks Quincy.....DH mutters about getting rid of stuff ...ha!   After some discussion it seemed a better option to upgrade to a heavier style of closet organizer.  After a trip to Home Depot, one large box  purchased and back home again....this box has so many pieces and an instruction book, not a mere page...it will be nice but definitely not a quick build.

Tomato tosses were considered.........

Have a great week!


Saturday, August 31, 2013

Last weekend of August

It is the end of August...just where did the time go??  It's been a wonderful summer.  And still the sunshine continues. 

have a good one!


Sunday, August 25, 2013

Friday, August 23, 2013

summer silence

It has been far too long since my last post.  Now we're heading for the end of August, then onward to September and Fall.  Summer is great but Fall is the best, the perfect blend of warm days and cool evenings.

We've been enjoying an awesome summer.   The really hot spell only lasted a short time.  Otherwise it's been mid twenties every day.   And as much we need the rain the lack of it has been quite a change from normally damp summers.

Many batches of roasted tomatoes have been made and frozen, along with jams (strawberry/guava, peach/apricot  and red current) and sauces (rhubarb/onion).  And bread and butter pickles too.   Now it's time to get chopping leeks, celery and peppers to freeze.   And kale pesto....turned out wonderful. 

We've enjoyed time with our grandsons too.  My goodness the boys are growing.  Pictures next post. And their Mom and Dad just celebrated their 9th Anniversary.  Congrats!

This time has been busy with my parents as well, medical appointments are now part of our routine. It's ok.  I'm glad we live close enough to be of help. 

Knitting needles are still going, stitching needle is currently gathering dust...........I think I need a kick start to get going again.   One piece of aida cloth is currently under a coffee bath.   The warm brown tone is looking pretty good.

We attended a local Blueberry Festival  two Saturdays ago.  My main reason was to visit the Pic-Knit displays.   I came across one vender selling fleece, rovings, wool.....sooo many tempting things...I can away with a hand spindle and some fleece to try hand spinning.  At the indoor area many ladies had floor spinning wheels (tradional and modern styles).    Definitely fun to watch.  Outside again there were many displays and food to try.  Home made blueberry pie....it was yummy.  The event actually carried over many of the streets of Dowtown Cloverdale.  Next year we will plan to stay longer and take in more of the venues.  And take a camera!

And that fleece...still in the bag...I've much more reading to do!  I'm pleased with the Ashford spindle from NZ, compared to making one, this one is beautiful.

From this corner, have a good day everyone!  And a great weekend! 

I do appreciate your comments.

till next time.....


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

nothing but blue skies ...........

Our weather forecast continues sunny and warm for at least another week!  Temperatures in the mid to high 20s and cooler at night, perfect and not the heat wave that we've being having the past few days. 

I'm still trying to sort out things with the move to Bloglovin.  I can see/read other blogs but still can't post a comment.  And that 'posting a comment' part, I know I'm way behind and am trying hard to catch up.

It's just after 5 am  and quite light outside  The coolness of the morning, birds singing and stillness is wonderful.  I left out quiet because the AC is still going indoors.   It is a balance.   A nice time for coffee and toast.  A nice time to collect thoughts, mull over ideas and make some plans.

Yet another work day for me.  Hopefully by next week I can move to a shorter work week for the rest of the summer.  The time off will be nice.  The time spent with  family, priceless.  My parents are getting older and they have both been having health issues.   Giving them their space but being around to do more for them, it is something to be worked out.  And that's fine with me.

DH and I haven't made any travel plans thus far and it might end up being put off till next year.  That's ok too.  Day trips are fun and a change of place.  There is nothing better then heading to the beach. 

That's all for Wednesday.

Monday, July 1, 2013


Happy Canada Day!

Whew, it's just after 5am and already warm .....this heat wave has hit....welcome to July! 

Thus far this weekend we've been busy with family activities.  Saturday afternoon it was a trip to the Aquarium at Stanley Park.   We shared the afternoon with our grandsons and their parents.  Enroute home we stopped for dinner.  It was a very nice day out.   Yesterday Vanessa, Kevin and the boys came for lunch.   We had a small inflatable pool set up for the boys.  There is something about playing in water.....and the pool did require refills, many times ...  pictures to follow.

Plans for today, keep cool and enjoy Canada Day.  Wishing everyone a wonderful day!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

race day out

The sunshine was streaming in so nice this morning, very early in fact, perfect!  We had an quick breakfast, got ready and were out the door by 7:20 am.   The decision to ride Skytrain rather than drive to Vancouver proved to be a good choice.  Lots going on in the city, roadways closed for construction, a movie shoot taking place, and dragon boat racing, cruise boats in, the half marathon and 5K races taking place.   It's been ages since I've been downtown.

We headed for the area of Lost Lagoon at the entrance to Stanley Park.  The 5K runners/walkers were to come down the street and head around back by the lagoon enroute the 5k course.

While waiting for the race to start we had a chance to enjoy the view on the lagoon and park.

The opposite view faces towards downtown.  This is part of the West End, lots of highrises, lots of runners, bikers, boarders.......and here come the5ker's


and there they go............

and trying to find  "the" one face,  "the one" person in the crowd .....priceless .....DH spotted our daughter (bottom left with puzzle piece on her tshirt back) and before he could get the shot, she was moving on .......these walkers were keeping the pace!

Even this low runner was have a blast!

And these two.......very busy too!

water down and water up

and that's our day out.  It's been a good one.

Friday, June 21, 2013

summer solstice

The longest day  and looking out my window this morning it continues very grey but at least the rain has stopped.   The drive home yesterday looked and felt like fall.  Tall trees were shrouded in very low dense mist, almost fog really and the rain pounded down.

For the first day of summer it feels cool enough indoors to put the fireplace on.......

I have  made some progress on a knitting project, no photos yet.  A small stitching project is underway as well.   Patio planting/changes are coming along slowly.   All we need is the 'warm evening' to enjoy sitting outside.

Now it's time to make some coffee and warm up. 

Here's to summer!


Friday, June 7, 2013

June....making plans

My "to do" list seems to be getting out of hand.  And that's only the "want to do" and not that other "to do" list!  So here goes, my top five  on each list:

1.   Finish the knitted shawl in progress.                
2.   Find some order for my floss storage.             
3.   Finish the patio garden.                                    
4.   Read a book.                                                     
5.   Take more pictures.  

1. Catch up on the ironing.
2. Paint the kitchen.    
3. Sort the recipes..too many "let's try.....
4. Spring clean, I have a couple of weeks yet!                                 
5.    Recycle

So that's a start.  Let's see how many can be crossed off by the end of June.

till next time...

Saturday, May 25, 2013

a day in her life

My daughter wrote on her facebook page today  .....
Autism sucks. Let me capitalize that - it SUCKS....my oldest is almost 5 and can't answer when asked his name. My 3 year old gets mad and tries to bang his head. 2 beautiful, fun-loving boys, who have autism - we support, encourage, and just adore our them, but I still feel helpless. So on June 23rd I'm aiming for the slowest time ever* in the Scotiabank 5k/Autism Speaks fundraiser (support me if you can, but please cheer me on!). Because when I feel really helpless, I picture a reality where the autism puzzle is solved - and I want to be part of that.

*Note: I do not run....ever (except after my little boys).

(dble click on the above to bring up go to link to see Vanessa's fundraising)

I'm so proud of her, Vanessa is a great mom. We will be there on June 23rd.

Do you support someone with autism?  What works? 

Friday, May 10, 2013

May days......

We're heading towards mid May, already, just where has the time gone!   And it's Mother's Day on Sunday.  Wishing all Mom's a wonderful day!

One stitchy project is completed and enroute to it's new home.  Today was the first time in quite a while that I had a chance to do some knitting. It is nice to be back on track, well alright just a little bit back on track.

Our younger grandson recently celebrated birthday number 3.  It was fun watching both boys enjoy some cake.

We're surrounded by many types of flowering trees in our complex.  Here's a sampling of what we have been enjoying the past few weeks.



 I'm always delighted to see blooms on this white lilac.  It was barely a cutting that rooted and has grown.  It's a remembrance of Ron and Mayann, their friendship and their garden.

The honeysuckle is a new purchase. 
and that's all for now.......till next time...

Sunday, April 28, 2013

working my way....

.....back to a regular life.  March and April are generally the busy season at work and this year has been no exception.  I'm so ready for more time with my family! 

Unfinished projects call out "pick me"..... first will be a stiching project to complete as the deadline to mail is very soon.

I look forward to reading and commenting on blogs, there is much catching up to do!  My next post will have photos and updates.  I've really missed blogging!

till next time ....

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

Wishing everyone a day filled with sunshine, blue skies ....oh yes, maybe some chocolate!

The past few weeks have been busy with longer work hours.  This will continue through to the end of April and then things settle down again.   Knitting projects are coming along nicely.  I've finished my scarf for the Pink Scarf project, just need to block it and then it will be ready to mail.  The other evening I started a stitching project for a new exchange.   

The temperatures here have improved alot.  It's time to clean up our mini greenhouse and get some seed trays ready.  Spring flowers are popping up, just beautiful!

Here are some photos of recent exchanges.

Stitchnswap2 Valentine's Exchange

At the left, the bookmark I stitched for Dee.

Below, from Dee, a beautiful stitched pillow.

With the Stitched with Love Group, the Winter Exchange ..........my parcel to Rene
and the parcel from Melissa, awesome ...missing is the bag of chocolates....
they were very good!
Family will be here today for lunch.   Of course there will be an Easter egg hunt for the boys. 
 Have a wonderful week everyone! 
Till next time ........

Sunday, March 3, 2013

blue skies and sunshine, part 2

While trying to add text to the previous post I kept encountering a problem so published wordless.

The photo on the left is the container of mini iris.  A very pleasant surprize I found in the mini greenhouse. On the right, my first attempt in Photoshop to create a watercolor card. I'm very far from an artist.  Definitely can't draw or paint but have found a comfort zone creating on clay and now trying Photoshop.  There is so much to learn!  

After again another very soggy and grey week, this morning woke up to clear skies, frost on the rooflines and now sunshine!   The promise is fleeting, maybe till Tuesday and then back to rain.  Winter on the West Coast for sure.

Daylight savings time takes place next weekend.....yeah.  Longer days are great.  So much better for stitching, knitting and some time outdoors.

We're off for a drive today, heading due east for a visit to our daughter and son in law and grandsons. 

Have a wonderful day and week ahead.


Sunday, sunshine and blue skies

Monday, February 25, 2013

changing things up

Well I wish it hadn't come my way but my email account was hacked last night.   Such a pain to sort out.  To that end, reluctantly, I've added word verification on my blog. 

To anyone who received a hacked message, sorry.  Hopefully the changes that I've made will deter any further problems. 


Sunday, February 17, 2013

simply Sunday

Waking up this morning, blue skies, scattered clouds and traces of sun streaming in the window.......perfect!   I can hear birds chirping, maybe Spring is coming!   Definitely a day for simple pleasures. 

Now, with a cup of coffee in hand, this is my bliss.  Things are good.

Today will be busy with a family lunch to organize and some do ahead meals to prepare.  Our grandsons will be visiting today.   I can't wait.  

Stitching and knitting updates to come. 

Right now sunshine is streaming in all our windows.  Simply wonderful!
So enjoy your day!


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Wishing everyone a day filled with laughter, love, chocolate and maybe a glass of wine!

And especially to LJB from DB, my love always.........(p.s. I know he will see this post).

Friday, February 8, 2013

ready for the weekend

Friday at last, yeah.  It's the first Family Day weekend in BC.  Fingers crossed for just a bit of sunshine.  

A short trip to the grocery store this afternoon included  the purchase a selection of small Valentine candy.  mennonitegirlscancook.ca has a yummy recipe for White Chocolate Valentine Popcorn.  I'm going to give it a try. 

No special plans yet for the weekend, sometimes that's just fine by me.  Maybe a chance to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee, pick up the knitting  project or stitch a few more rows.  This  morning's early light  was beautiful.  And where was the camera, at home.  Note to self,  tomorrow start packing the camera!

I think the glitch on my blog has been resolved.  Somehow in trying to add the reply button for comments it changed another setting so no comments were allowed.  This blog is a journey for sure!

till next time  .....


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pay it Forward

I've participating in this PIF via Shannon's blog  (aroundthehomestead.blogspot.ca)  And  now I'm posting the same offer on my blog.
Here are the rules:

The first 5 people to comment and leave their email and blog address will receive from me, sometime in 2013, a small gift handmade by me, probably something stitched:) ...a surprise in the mail! In this age of digital everything, who doesn't love actual fun mail? There will be no warning, but once I know that the recipient has indeed received the surprise, I will blog about the gift I sent and count down the five surprises with all my blog readers!
The Catch:
Those 5 people must make the same offer on their blog!
If you're interested in participating, making some new friends in blog land, and sharing your creative talents, then please leave me a comment - and please put your e-mail address in the comment, just in case I have trouble e-mailing you:) I will be contacting the first 5 people who comment to get your mailing address so I will be ready to send your surprise in the coming months!
I look forward to hearing from you! 

Monday, February 4, 2013

Weekend update

As promised, a photo of my completed sweater.    It's comfy and warm on these damp days.   I'm ready to knit something with spring in mind.

Here's my progress on the LK Aging....I'm so ready to start the color blocks but really want to finish all the brown lettering.   So I contine, in brown.......but I finally broke down and changed to a new needle......should have done this alot sooner!
Some time back we put up wide slat blinds (standard stock cut to size) in our home. As is the case this meant that some of the blinds are much longer than needed.  The extra slats were removed and just sat in the utility room until this thought passed by.......................................   
It's a portable panel that fills a gap at the end of the patio and hedge.   It's intended to keep a certain little dog in his yard.  lol.  Or maybe keep the skunk out!

It's only Monday and there's lots to do.  Have a good week!

Friday, February 1, 2013

and the winner is ........

The Grow Your Blog party has been amazing.... so many talented people, so many wonderful blogs.

Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that my followers would grow to 60!  Your comments are truly appreciated.   This has been and continues to be inspiring.   Thank you.

With all the names in a bowl and some help from Quincy, two names have been drawn:
LindaLee from CrossN' My Stitches and Sherrie (Bird Lady)  birdladyblog.blogspot.com

Ladies, please contact me with your mailing addresses.

till next time ......


Welcome February!

I'm making some progress on LK Aging Artfully. I'll post a picture this weekend.   A knit sweater only needed the ends woven in .....finally done.  I wore it yesterday. Yeah!   The Elann site has sneak peaks  ....I've got my eye on some Noro yarn, the colors are amazing.

Have a great day, and weekend!

Monday, January 28, 2013

the end of January, already.................

Since  the start of the Grow Your Blog  party, it has been so much fun reading blogs and meeting new friends.  Again, a warm welcome to my new followers. 

After many foggy, grey days we had this on Friday.
Actual blue sky!  Of course by Saturday morning we were back to rain showers.  All in all we've had a mild winter thus far.

Cold's and flu have kept families at home.  Sunday was the first visit in a few weeks from our daughter, son in law and grandsons.  It was so good to see them again.



And taking lots of pictures wonderful!   Getting them to be still while attempting this .......priceless.

Two exchanges gifts mentioned in an earlier post were completed and the parcels are now on their way to their recipients.  So the only photo to show is the inside of one gift.

It's been a busy weekend all the same.  Grocery shopping with my parents on Saturday along with regular errands.  At to this cooking, laundry and  some time reading this...............

Beautiful book, great photos  and the ideas..........there is always room for another hobby, right??

Can't forget Quincy,  He's not a team player when it comes to having his picture taken.   Recently a heart murmur has been detected.  Along with elevated liver enzymes, it seems to be an ongoing saga for him and us. 

He is a special little guy.    As far as he's concerned, there is nothing better than having a sock to play with.  And if it's connected.....bonus!
When a hug will do, two hearts connected.
Have a great week everyone! 
till next time .....................

Friday, January 25, 2013

1st boarding call .........

Thanks for your comments on the travelling pattern, Jolly Jack.  With DH's assistance, a draw has been done and the winner is................................................ Debbie Jo!   I'd ask that Debbie Jo contact me and confirm her snail mail address.  I'd like to get the pattern in the mail tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

welcome......and thankyou!


This Grow Your Blog party has been so much fun!  Thank you  for the wonderful comments.  And to my new followers, welcome.  

I'm still visiting new blogs.  Very inspiring, great photography and yes, my "I'd like to try that" list is growing.

Currently I've finished the stitching on two smaller projects (for exchanges) and now have to sew them together.  Hopefully with a day off tomorrow this will get done.  A knitted scarf is part way done.  It's an easy cable pattern.  Photos to come.   There is no end of projects waiting for my attention.  

Again, thankyou.  I look forward to getting to know everyone and sharing a bit more about my corner of the world.

till next time ......


Saturday, January 19, 2013

party on....

After reading other blogs, I'm changing the date for my giveaway draw to February 1st.  The blogs that I've read so far are great!  Lots of reading yet to do. Have a good weekend!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Let the party begin

Tomorrow is the Grow Your Blog party.  It should be fun.   I'm looking forward to reading blogs and meeting new bloggers. 

Welcome to my blog.  Your comments are appreciated.  Maybe become a follower. 

In the spirit of friendship and sharing, I will host my first giveaway.  It will be stitching related and yes, it is a surprise.  To enter the giveaway, leave a comment. A draw will be held on January 20th and the winner will be announced.



a travelling pattern, ready for boarding .........

It's time to share a travelling pattern, Jolly Jack.   Not so long back I was the lucky recipient to receive this pattern to stitch.  And  now it's time for someone else to enjoy stitching this pattern.  If you're interested, please leave a comment on my blog.   The cut off date will be January 25th and I will draw a winner.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

around the gate post....

it's taken a while to upload this notice, part of the afternoon in fact.   Seems that blogger has made changes since I last uploaded photos.................  Hopefully now things will be ok.  Check out
vicki-2bagsfull.blogspot.ca for all the details on Grow your blog.



Happy New Year!

just where does the time go, it's already the 11th of January.  I've been making progress on a cabled scarf and have started two small stitching gifts.  

With a new year it seems automatic to start cleaning out cupboards, sorting stuff and sending it out the door.  Most items were suitable for a local thrift store.  The extra space at home....priceless. 

In the second bedroom we have made a dedicated hobby area complete with a table and drawer storage.  The window light is perfect for stitching.   It is a work in progress.

January of course seems to have it's share of bugs floating around.....we've had our turn too.

Frosty roofs, clear skies and sunshine coming, it's going to be a great day, just cold.

till next time