Sunday, December 8, 2013

it is cold outside

Brrrr is all I can say.  This Artic cold front has certainly been far reaching and lingereing...today has been 'warmer' and no wind.  Apparently it will take a few more days to return to our normal December weather, mild and wet.  And the chance of some flurries.

For the first time in many years we're having a real Christmas tree.  It's a cut tree, a Noble Fir and the boughs/needles are very soft.  At present it's still out on the patio in a bucket of water (and ice).  We'll do some of the decorating later this week and save some for our grandsons to do.  Fingers crossed that this is a good idea...decorating not undecorating, we'll see.

Shoulder problems in November changed up my plans for stitching and knitting....along with everything else.  Physio appointments have helped somewhat, along with exercises but the problem lingers on.   Meanwhile knitting needles are out, some things can't wait. No picture yet but I have completed a hat, knit over three needles.  It was a first for me.  Maybe just maybe I'll get brave enough to try a pair of socks.

Quincy seems to be holding a course.  Although he has lost weight, at this point he seems to be holding at a level.  As for the blood glucose numbers, still higher than they should be, even with increases in insulin.  So we continue with vet visits/number checks.  His energy level is better...and yes, he does manage to get into mischief.  Be it socks, shoes or hiding in one of the rooms ....he does like a challenge.  Insulin shots continue twice a day, it's part of  the daily routine now.   He's a special little dog.

Christmas is coming so quickly now, add to this a couple of December birthdays and one anniversary and it's the making of busy days ahead.

My plan is to try do some baking this week.  The ingredients have been purchased so now to plan one or two evenings this week and get baking.  Small amounts, lots of variety, and very little sampling on my part.

Stay warm, stay happy!

till next time ...