Friday, January 31, 2014

good bye January

Here we are, the last day of January.  It's been four weeks since Quincy's passing.  We are adapting to life without him. .....some days are easier than other.  I guess we will know if and when it's time to open our hearts and home to a new critter.

I'm still working my way through the GYB Party links and reading blogs.  Thanks to folks who have stopped by and those who have become followers.

The new computer is working just fine. .... now. It's so much nicer to to be able to view a blog and even leave a comment without waiting what seemed like forever.  Now I just have to catch up.

We've had many, many grey days here.  Today, sunshine and blue skies.  There are signs of spring, snowdrops and crocus in bloom and many trees with buds.  Still winter isn't over yet and there's a chance of snow for Sunday.

My progress on stitching and knitting projects has been slow.  Hopefully by my next post, some new photos to share.

till next time...

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Blog party 2014

Welcome to my blog!

Trying to write this post....well it's taken days.  Apparently the new computer and blogger won't play nice .... log in sure but try do anything else, not so much.  The problem can be resolved but not in time to write a new post.  Thank goodness the old computer still works!

So here we are, January 25th and the party is about to begin.....

I live on the West Coast of BC, in the burbs.  DH and I are heading towards 25 years of marriage.  We have two wonderful grandsons, Noah 5 and Nate 3.   Both boys are on the Autism Spectrum.  There are challenges for sure but they are also making great progress.  They are the loves of our lives.

I love to knit, cross stitch and sometimes crochet.  I hope to learn to hand spin yarn.  I have a drop spindle and have read up on the "how to's"  but have yet to  try.    I defintely enjoy time in our patio garden.  It might be winter but today we had sunshine and 13 degrees C, it felt heavenly and such a treat!  Mind you it was quite cool overnight and very frosty this morning.

I love to cook.  I'm always on the look out for new recipes.

I enjoy many music styles, along with a nice glass of wine.

Thanks for stopping by.


Friday, January 3, 2014

today we are sad

Quincy's battle with a diabetic condition is done. Letting him go was the hardest decision for us but our bottom line is his quality of life.  He's weathered so many things and keeps on fighting.  This morning was different, he looked frail and tired.  Yet he was still trying to make us feel good.  I guess it is true, loving something so much, so times you have to set them free.

Tomorrow will be a new day.