Monday, March 21, 2011

welcome Spring!

Finally, Spring has arrived....yesterday afternoon we had sunshine and it was wonderful!  DH and I started some outdoor cleanup in the garden.  In the midst of moving containers/plants, I found two ladybugs which I carefully moved to safe garden boxes. 

And the best part, some flowers in bloom.  The fragrance is spring!

till next time ......

Sunday, March 13, 2011

March Tusal

Same March photo, just moving things around on my blog.  Contents of my jar are definitely a work in progress.

that lost hour

Daylight savings started today but that hour lost, darn!  Still there is the promise of more daylight hours which will be great for stitching!!

Last weekend we had a visit from our daughter and grandsons.   The boys are growing so fast.
And trying to get pictures of them.....challenging as both are very busy playing.  And a picture of the two of them together, well maybe next time.   Nathan had a great time with the ball.

And Noah loves his cars, including driving them in the dirt in my plants!

The ILCS group recently had a froggy exchange.  This is the bookmark that I stitched for Amy.  The froggy exchange was in memory of Rene who left us far too soon.

My parcel received from Kate is awesome.  She stitched a bookmark, sent beautiful threads and a small ornament frog.   I'll include a picture in my next post.

And about that hour, the computer clock reads 8:42 am so the day is going, bye for now!