Friday, December 31, 2010

a new year coming...... and I'm ready

While some parts of the world have already rung in the new year it's still early morning of December 31st here...a light dusting of snow on the rooftops and quite chilly outdoors (minus 6 or so) We've had a really mild winter thus far.

2010 was filled with far too many family health issues and hospital visits/stays, so here's hoping for a better and healthier 2011.  My Dad had his cataract surgery yesterday morning and everything went well.  Quite a way to mark their 60th wedding anniversary!   He will have his other eye done early in the new year. 

We had a wonderful Christmas with the family.  Our grandsons enjoyed the day for sure.  The mid day meal worked out great, lots of food.  Everyone was sent home with their own 'doggie bag'. And our leftovers were yummy.

On to stitching, I've got 10 items listed for the Up for the challenge.  This past week I started sorting through the stash cupboard and  have come up with a couple of other projects to add to my list.  Next up should be my 'waiting in the wings' of new charts, kitted and not that I would like to stitch in 2011 as well. 

Good progress to report on the Palm by Dimensions.  My ILCS group has had a Stitch a thon for Rene.   I've managed to add many stitches and will continue, with  thoughts and prayers to Rene and her family. 

At least a few stitches a day, every day, is my goal for 2011. 

Wishing everyone a Happy New year!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

These past few weeks have flown by  and now it's here, Christmas Eve 2010.

From our house to yours, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

till next time ...............

Saturday, December 4, 2010

welcome December

Welcome to the first saturday of December!

Outside my window the rooftops are frosty white with the morning sun now casting a warm glow over them. 
Inside the fireplace is giving it's own warm glow.  The recent new look to the mantle is ready for Christmas boughs.  It is amazing what a coat of paint can do to for an outdated mantle surround.  Once a worn oak is now shiny and white.

Later this morning DH and I will put up the outdoor lights.  Yesterday the gardeners pruned  the trees so it will make it easier for us getting the strings of lights up.  In our complex December 1st is the start of Christmas lights/displays so we're a bit late this year.  Maybe, just maybe, we will start the indoor decorating as well.....  :)

I finished a small stitchy gift yesterday, yeah!  This one is destined as part of a Christmas exchange.   I'll post a photo soon.

Have a great weekend!

till next time.......

Monday, November 22, 2010

Brrrr .....it's cold outside

It's late November, we've  already enjoyed the first snowfall of the season and now a cold front has moved in and looks like it will linger a couple more days!  Temperatures of minus 17 with the wind chill are not the norm.

So the house is warm and cosy. Though its too soon to bake, it just wouldn't last till Christmas!

I'm so close to finishing two crochet lap/reading blankets for our grandsons.    And as for the stitching projects projects, I'll be back to them soon.  Mind you I've been  checking out some knitting patterns and yarns, the colors are to die for!  What's another project?

till next post ........

Sunday, October 24, 2010

to points far away and now home again

It is what dreams are made of, those destinations far from home, the journey travelled and the people we met along the way.

It has long been a desire to visit Venice, Italy.  In the best laid plans, we were to arrive mid day in Venice, have the balance of Thursday, a full day Friday and Saturday morning to explore in Venice.  Mid day became a late day arrival due to flight delays.  Luggage collected, water bus tickets purchased we started the first of luggage treks.  If only luggage came with a remote control to just 'walk' along beside you!.  Once aboard the water bus our journey towards San Marco included a stop in Murano and the Lido before reaching our destination of San Marco.    From the waterfront we headed towards the Doges Palace, the Basilica, through crowds of people standing in awe of the Basilica and headed towards the opposite end of the Square looking for our destination of Locanda Orseolo.  It took a bit to confirm we were on the right direction as the directions we had didn't include crossing over a small bridge.  In front of us, a gondola moored at the edge of the small canal.  And to our left at the bridge many more gondolas.  Thanks goodness DH managed the larger suitcases  up and over the bridge.  Then through a courtyard to a large iron gate, one more courtyard and we made it to our destination.    Locanda Orseolo is wonderful.  Our room faced a canal.  The view was wonderful........and the steps to get to our room...good exercise.  Next time we will opt for a first floor room!!   

More of our travels to follow, where we headed next and photos to post.

Yesterday was Venice to Vancouver, a very, very long travel day.  We're happy to be home.  Quincy is even happier that he's home too!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

back to September

It's September, already, just where did the summer go? 

In between some very soggy grey days there is sunshine.  Today is no exception as there is a beautiful sunrise happening outside. These days are shorter and the evening comes much earlier seems to stretch much longer.  Next it will be time to put the fireplace on!

This is the bookmark that I received from Linda B (ILCS bookmark exchange).  It's beautiful!  The picture does not do it justice.   Along with the bookmark were two skeins of floss and Crystal light drink mixes.                                                         
All things family are good (well fingers crossed).  At this point there seems to be a status quo on my Dad's health.  Likewise for my Mom.   The younger folks are settling in to their new home.  And our grandsons, growing so quickly.   We see them often but I miss them just the same.    As for DH and I, well we are counting down the days till October and a holiday. 

till next time ..................

Friday, August 27, 2010

a finish at last.. the Mermaid

She's done, finally, and I'm pleased with the results.  Now to find the right frame.  Right now I'm just enjoying being done.    And then it's on to the next UFO!!  

August has been a very long month.  Two weeks after Dad having a stroke he had a heart attack on the 17th and stayed in hospital till the 20th.    Fingers crossed that things will get back to an even keel for him...it's been a week and there haven't been any hospital visits.   It is a changing time for all of us.   

During all the recent hot weather I made a very humble bird bath/watering dish for the feathered ones.  This dish is perched on top of a cedar hedge.  The word must have spread because it's now the watering hole and bathing area.  Trying to get a group shot picture...not much of a chance!  One sparrow did wait for this shot.  Otherwise we've had a few chickadees visit.  It is fun watching from our family room window.

One of the local markets had a selection of garlic from the Okanagan.  I selected one of each, Italian, Russian and a couple of other types.  Next trip I'm going to write on the bag what each one is.   The flavor has been excellent!!
The local market also grows and sells summer zinnias.  I love the bright colors and all the details on each bloom.  And yes, I enjoy taking pictures of them.

The fall mums are out now and the colors are beautiful!  Grocery stores, markets, gardens stores, everywhere you go, there are mums from the bright yellows, golds, rust, red and these pretty pink ones.    Today's shopping included two small containers of grasses which should go nice with the mums in some large tubs.    The summer baskets have done their dash and it's time for a fall look on the patio!     
till next time ..................


Monday, August 16, 2010

Fall colors

I'm making some progress on the Halloween project.  It's a good thing that I have a magnifier for this one.   Another hot day in most parts of   BC.   A good reason to keep cool indoors and stitch!    


Sunday, August 15, 2010

middle of August ...already

The heatwave continues... mid 30's again today and forecasted warm and sunny for the week ahead. Thank goodness for a portable air conditioner. It has really been put to the test!

Lunch today was a family get together, minus our son in law who was working at home (still some painting to finish). It's just been two weeks but I've sure missed seeing the grandsons.

Nathan is developing his own personality and Noah seems to have sprouted up in such a short time. Vanessa is so good with her boys.

It was good for my parents as well to have a chance to visit. It's been a very hard two weeks on my parents. Dad's lack of vision is still a source of frustration. So a visit with their granddaughter and great grandchildren was good for morale.

Both DH and I had cameras ready today. Noah is always on the move so photo ops are few and far and Nathan, he's a captive audience (for now). Not quite four months old and he's trying to roll over.

And not to forget Quincy. As soon as Noah's play table was set up well Quincy was ready and waiting for the kids to arrive. Thanks to DH the two footed little ones survived all the licks from the four footed one!

So the day was good for everyone's morale.

I've started a small Halloween project. The floss is Weeks 'Trick or Treat' on a very pale green evenweave and stitching one over one. The project needs a bit more stitching before taking a picture.

Summer is great but nothing beats fall. The warmth of the days, the abundance of colors to enjoy and cooler nights!

till next time.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

moving forward

Saturday at last. It's overcast and definitely cooler.

My Dad was released from hospital Thursday afternoon. The doctor have told him to get lots of walking and do stairs. His vision has improved somewhat but it will take time. It's good to have him home.

Now even moreso finding the balance between helping my parents and yet leaving their independence intact...I guess it comes to being there and going with guts feelings.

I've stitched a bit this week. Stitching keeps me grounded.

All being well,tomorrow afternoon DH and I will attend a performance of the Lion King.

A good weekend to all,

till next time ....

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

when the unxpected comes crashing thru ...

My Dad has had a minor stroke. It happened yesterday afternoon in the form of vision loss. We rushed him to the hospital and they moved him to a bed. It took a couple of hours before the CT scan result came back showing a minor stroke. Dad's vision continues to be blurred and they are not sure if it will improve.

My parents have always been healthy and active. Yes, they are getting older and yes, health does change ... it's still not any easier. Respecting their independence yet lending a hand.

I've felt for some time that my life journey is changing direction, my focus is shifting more towards home and family. A year ago my husband and I moved house to be in the same complex as my parents. Now it clearer that my path will circle closer to home.

Live simply, hold close those that you treasure, do the things that bring you bliss, simply live!


Thursday, July 29, 2010

another chapter begins ....

It is moving day for our daughter, son in law and the boys......the destination isn't really that far away but it feels far right now.

Grandma had the pleasure of babysitting today. At one moment, a baby was crying, a toddler was complaining and a dog letting it be known that he wasn't happy either...all I could do was smile.

Early this morning I did get to work on my bookmark for the ILCS exchange. It's coming along quite nicely. I'm using Carrie's thread called Bliss. A picture will be posted soon.

DH turns 55 tomorrow. He complains that there is more grey and less hair on his head!! Such is the way of growing older.

We're heading into a long weekend, B.C. Day, mid summer already....and continued sunshine.

till next time .............

Saturday, July 24, 2010

the long days of summer.......

Blue skies and warm temperatures continue and it is a perfect afternoon to enjoy a slurpee. DH and I finished the 'errands of the day' and while stopping to put gas in the car (now at $1.20 something a litre) decided to indulge in the slurpee's On our return home Quincy also shared in this treat. Simple pleasures for sure.

The 24th of July already, my goodness, the days are flying by. And five months today.... my stitching needle better shift to high gear!!

Next week our daughter, son in law and the boys move to Abbotsford. We're so pleased they have found a house with a yard. It will be great for the boys to have the space to play in. On the minus the one way commute on a good day is a hour. It is a mixed blessing. We will miss them for sure. Little boys change so quickly at this young age.

Meanwhile, it's saturday afternoon and my spot on the patio in the sunshine awaits! My stitching project requires some unraveling...seems that a certain little dog helped himself to it and adjusted the threads on the card....all is not lost I'm sure. There is no accounting for a bit of dog slobber...

till next time..


Monday, July 19, 2010

summer bliss

Summer continues with temperatures staying in the mid 20's. It's perfect.

This morning, again, I've noticed a chickadee checking out one of the little birdhouses. Fingers crossed that a pair will move in.

All week we have enjoyed the sights and sounds of a travelling amusement park set up in a parking lot south of our complex. The evenings lights are magical, a reminder of times past.

till next time...

Saturday, July 10, 2010

It's my birthday!

At a young age birthdays were marked by candles on the cake. All those candles that brought me to here and now, there is no where else I'd rather be. Back then, imagining what it would be like, all those numbers seemed old and now, at 58, it's just fine.

This week I've received some lovely cards and floss from ILCS members in the birthday card exchange. I look forward to stitching with these new floss colors.

Early this morning my husband brought forward a specially wrapped gift. A framed picture of my daughter and her sons, a bottle of Chanel No. 5, a beautiful dress in blues, sea greens and turquoise, very summery! Perfect for travel.

From my daughter, son in law and the boys, a beautiful card, a lovely sentiment written inside and a gift card for a hair salon. It's too late to cover the grey but I will make an appointment soon as it's long overdue to get a trim.

This day is still unfolding. It's sunny, blue sky and a light breeze, who could ask for anything more.

till next time ..............

Thursday, July 8, 2010

It's hot!!

July and it finally feels like summer, well maybe a bit too much, as temperature is up over 30 degrees and it's only midday.

Pictured above are flowers from my garden. Despite a cold and wet spring the plants have grown and now look beautiful.

July marks a change in work schedule, now three days a week on and two off. This week, it works out to a very long weekend, starting today. Yeah! Everything is a trade off, having the chance to spend more time with family, well that is priceless.

Evenings are still bright and now warm. It's time for some outdoor stitching. And perhaps a glass of wine.................
Happy summer!
till next time

Monday, June 21, 2010

Long days of summer

Summer is here and so is a new look for my blog.

It's June, the longest day yet not at all feeling like summer in these parts ....... this evening the sky is a beautiful blue as far as you can see.

The past weeks have flown by. It's been so much fun babysitting and helping Vanessa with the boys. Nathan is growing so quickly. Noah is enjoying being a big brother. Being a grandparent is truly a joy.

Stitching, oh yes, not forgotten at all..................
till next time

Thursday, May 20, 2010

rain and wind...a stitching day for sure

Yesterday afternoon a storm system moved through and it's still being felt today. Everything on the patio had to be moved and planters sort of huddled together for fear of being blown away. And rain, boy it drenched everything! Luckily we didn't loose power but many folks are still without power this morning. As I'm going to be home today along with catching up on indoor things like laundry, there will be time to stitch.

Since my last posting, another finish, my summer ornament for the ILCS exchange. I received the stitched ornament from Viv O'Leary. It's beautiful! I will treasure it always. Take a look at her stitching, and all the beading.
Last week and this week I've been going over to help my daughter with the kids. It's been fun having the time with them. Nathan is growing so much. Noah still goes to daycare but will soon be home. Vanessa is a good mom. We're proud of her for sure.
During this time I've been working on a small project, Chickadees, stitched on plastic canvas. As well, crocheted granny square blanket (no picture yet). It's not as though I need another project to do....but keeping busy means happy hands.
Last Saturday morning DH and I went over to a yard sale and bake sale at a local church. Definitely lots of 'treasures' .....and a few goodies in the lot. Two childrens books, one book for me called Honey, Garlic & Vinegar Home remedies and recipes, a covered floral bowl, a pair of shadow box picture frames with needlepoint pictures of poppies, a set of plastic storage containers, a viewmaster and reels for the boys, baked goodies and a large area rug, all for $20. On our return home DH headed off to a meeting and I enjoyed sitting on the patio with a stitching project. Pure bliss.
We're headed for a long weekend with Victoria Day on Monday. The weather forecast indicates dry and somewhat sunny, fingers crossed. Everything is ready for a BBQ, even the marshmallows so here's hoping its warm enough to enjoy being outdoors.
I've added a couple of photos of the boys. Also a new picture of Bunny, who still feels our patio is his/hers.
till next time...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

May daize

The weeks have flown by since my last blog update. So much has happened. And it's starting to feel like spring.

We have a new grandson, Nathan Alexander, born April 22nd. Being a grandparent is wonderful. Here are Mom, Dad, Noah and Nathan.

Stitching progress has been a bit slow. The mermaid is almost finished...ran out of thread and have to order more. For such a small project it really seemed there was enough floss....

I'm almost done my project for the ILCS summer ornament exchange. There is backstitching to do and then finishing.
Health wise doing reasonably now except for a vertigo issue that started last week. It comes, it goes...really don't enjoy my world spinning.... I can still stitch!!
Mother's Day was wonderful. We shared a late morning brunch with the family. The roses pictured above are part of the bouquet from the kids and grandchildren.
This past weekend my husband and I started to get the patio and garden ready. Zeller's had mixed hanging baskets on sale pre Mother's Day, $9.99 each and they are reasonably established......compared to buying starter plants this year, it's great. The game plan is to have cluster of plants throughout the patio rather than a large row down the length of the area. The dollar store had some cute wooden bird houses. So it's just a matter to paint them (and yes, it's for us rather than the birds).
thanks for stopping by.
till next time

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday, sunday

It is a lazy sunday morning. DH has caught the sore throat/cough/cold thing that I had last week. While he tries to catch some zz's I've been stitching. Even Quincy poked his head out then went back to bed.

Thus far some sunshine coming in our windows and no wind blowing outside. Yesterday would have been nice and warm but the gusts of wind offput the chance to sit outside and stitch.

I've enjoyed stitching this mermaid with Carrie's threads. The mermaid and medalions are stitched two over one and the fish are one over one.

And then it's back to 'The Future' . With longer evenings I hope I can get more stitching done.

Of course there are a couple of new project waiting and the UFO's ..... truly so much stitching and so little time.

till next time

Thursday, April 8, 2010

it might be spring...it's cold outside

Wild and windy describes the weather in these parts, great for being indoors and stitching.

Easter was spent with family. We all went out to brunch. The food was yummy. It was bittersweet just the same with the loss of Shana too fresh for everyone. And so we move forward.

I returned to work on monday. It felt like being dropped from space back into my desk and chair. And it's tax season to boot.

Last evening tried to stitch but someone let the frogs out....darn...and I missed something on the chart...sigh. Anyways it's a small project using Carries (not my wip), almost done so I will post a photo soon.

think Spring!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

in an instant, life changes

Yesterday afternoon was heart wrenching. Late afternoon my daughter called to say that their little dog Shana had been killed and could I come over. They had been on their daily walk to the park. On their return while waiting for the traffic light Shana became spooked, backed out of her collar and bolted into traffic. In an instant everything changed.
I called our vet and explained what had happened and arranged to take Shana there for her last car ride.
So it was a very sad evening. She will be missed.

Friday, March 26, 2010

unexpected changes, wip update

My LNS has been in business for 35 years so it was a complete shock today to find out that it will be closing it's door come April 30th. The Loving Stitch in Surrey has always been my shopping store for fabric, especially the precuts, as well as charts, floss and kits. Online shopping has a place, in fact is probably part of the reason for changes locally but it doesn't replace going into a stitching shop and enjoying the bliss.

As you can see I managed some stash enhancement.

My current wip is coming along quite nicely. I'm still getting used to the stand arrangement.

There are some new photos added below.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

it's been a month

I can't believe that a month ago today I was in hospital and having surgery. And I'm learning to keep asking health questions. To date some of the 'recommended' is not working at all, in fact causing me more problems. Bottom line, I am feeling better. Now it's time for more exercise, eat differently and keep focus on the future.

This morning as well as working on Il Futuro, I've been busy looking at patterns on line. And I did download some freebies (not as though I don't have enough to keep me busy already). Aurytm.com has some wonderful charts, freebies and ones to purchase. Also, two charts that look really tempting are Tranquility by Janlynn (shells) and Caribbean Mandala by Chatelaine. Looking doesn't cost!!

It might be spring but it hasn't warmed up alot. The blossom trees outside our windows are almost ready to pop. I'm looking forward to taking some pictures....soon

Friday, March 19, 2010

Tomorrow, it's spring.....

We've got sunshine and blue skies today and tomorrow and then it's back to rain. Spring in BC for sure. With the mild winter many of the trees are fully out in blossom, along with all the other spring flowers. Beautiful to look at. The sunshine feels great.

I don't know where my week has gone since last posting. It is easy to keep busy at home as there is more than enough to catch up on...like ironing :(. I'm feeling better but careful what I do, eat, etc.

With a new project decided on , I went to my LNS last saturday to pick up some of the colors required, along with a new Qsnap (11 x 17). With a new project ready and a new Qsnap I figured it was time to actually use my floor stand. Two handed stitching is wonderful! I should have done this years ago. The trip out to my LNS was good for morale. It's always fun to see the new charts, check out the floss and fabric. And yes, I dug into my stash and found some fabric to use. It is amazing what one finds in the stash box!!

Till next time.

Friday, March 12, 2010

A finish for 2010

Starting a new project is always exciting but it doesn't compete with actually getting it finished! I started this little Lanarte kit early in the new year. And during my hospital time, it kept me busy, thank heavens for stitching!!

And my next project, hum, UFO's (yes plural) or something new. I downloaded a chart from Passione Ricamo, a freebie, called "The Future" and from By the Bay Needle art, free bunny 2010 so it's a hard choice.

Daylight savings times begins on Sunday. The longer days are wonderful!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March already

Life sometimes throws a curve ball or two ....and it was a very bad catch. February 22nd an unpleasant situation worsened (bowel blockage) and once again had to go to the hospital, surgery (again) and then a week's stay in hospital.

This was my third strike, same problem, something has to give. My husband has been my rock throughout all of this.

So my journey to a new lifestyle begins, taking care of me. I need to do this for me, my husband and family.

Friday, February 12, 2010

it's finally here

it has been a long road getting to here, today, and Vancouver welcomes the world!

Monday afternoon enroute home I happened into a portion of the torch relay/hand off. Traffic was stopped and the parade marched by so to speak and I had the best seat in the house from my car.! You could feel the pride, shown in the numbers of people waiting, some standing, some sitting in lawn chairs.....flags, balloons, and the excitement in the air. Being directly across from a hand off point I was able to see the young man waiting for his turn with the torch was beaming , family and friends taking many pictures. There were many parade vehicles, great music and finally the torch team rounded the corner...... magical ...alot of cheering...the procession continued east to the awaiting crowds and I continued my drive west. It was a special moment.