Saturday, January 31, 2015

End of January

I thought we would get through January without any illness in our household......not so much.  DH has had a cough/cold since earlier in the week.  He's on the mend  but shared it with me.  Thus far I've only the head cold, nothing too major. Anyways  all of this has derailed my blogging plans.  So I do apologize for comments not yet responded to.

Today's  plans changed completely, from a morning doctor appointment for my Mom ended up with a trip to the ER.  In between a lot of hurry up and wait.  DH and I stayed in a corner of the outer waiting area and I prayed that neither of us would cough or sneeze.  As the hours passed it was decided that DH should head home via bus as he was due to work a late shift. I kept busy with a stitching project. And thank heavens for having this with me.

We arrived at 9:30 this morning and we left this afternoon around 3 pm. The  "we" being my Dad and I as they are keeping my Mom in a few days.  So fingers crossed that they can get things on track and see her feeling better.

Perspective is realizing that there are many folks dealing with a lot more than us.  A few hours hanging out in the ER waiting room reconfirms this.

A good weekend to all!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The party continues

Many, many thanks to Vicki of 2 Bags Full for hosting this Grow Your Blog party!

And to all my blog visitors( new and returning)  and new followers, welcome and thank you. Actually, I'm gob smacked.  I never imagined that my blog followers would surpass 100!  I am truly humbled.  I look forward to getting to know you.

 As promised, here are the giveaways.  I decided to make two small packages of hand knit washers and a crochet coin purse.

The drawing will take place February 15th.

I'm still working my way through the GYB list.  Wow, so many creative folks and great ideas!  It has been fun.

Anyways, it's back to the party!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Grow your blog 2015

2 Bags Full

Welcome to the Grow Your Blog Party hosted by Vicki of 2 Bags Full.  Check out Vicki's blog for the listing of this year's bloggers.   2BagsFull

Have fun with the blog hop!

And thank you for stopping by my blog.

My name is Debbie.  I live on the West Coast of BC.  Married to DH, now 25 years together. We have one adult daughter and two grandsons.

I love stitching, knitting and crochet.  I'm sure I have many lifetimes of projects yet to be done!   There is something special about items made by hand.   One can never have too much stash be it patterns, fabric or wool!

Add to this a passion for cooking and baking. All things fresh. I've  also rediscovered making bread.

Once the weather improves I'll be busy in the garden.  This will be my first year post retirement  and the plans that I have will more than fill my patio space.

We travel as time permits, usually every 2nd year or so.  In a heart beat, my favorite place is Venice Italy.   To me, it's like stepping back in time.  Perhaps a slower pace  ,,,,  the colors, the water, the food.

From this tiny balcony (white building), it was our vantage point to watch ...... take pictures, drink a glass of wine and dream............

I leave you with these, sunflowers to brighten your day!

and this

Thanks for visiting!

p.s.   I will be putting together a small giveaway. 

It's almost time for ....

this year's Grow Your Blog Party hosted by Vicki of Two Bags Full.  It's a wonderful opportunity to visit many new blogs, meet new friends and grow your blog.   Click on the link to  2 Bags Full and join the fun!   2bagsfull

2 Bags Full

Thursday, January 22, 2015

a week later

And life carries on.

In between some very grey days there has been sunshine and beautiful skies.  Overnight temperatures still stay in the single digits, heck sometimes the daytime temperatures are not much higher.

It's one way or the other....either beautiful sunrises like this.

Or dark southern skies like this.

A recent stitching finish, front and back of a small pillow.

And a stitched exchange gift received from Angela in Italy.  Beautiful stitching!

I'm not sure when the postage stamps left the parcel but thank goodness the parcel was delivered.

This is the mango seed.  It took up most of the width of the small pot.  The seedling below took about two weeks to sprout.

The hummers still visit daily.  Of recent, it's more so morning/afternoon visits.  So picture taking opportunities are slim.


My Valentine's stitched mailart is completed and is enroute the recipient.   As soon as I know it's been received I'll post pictures.

Making bread has fallen off the radar during the past week or so.  This afternoon I have a 2 loaf recipe of Amish white bread underway.  It's a hand mix recipe.  The results have been very good.

And I leave you with this, a taste of spring to come.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

and when you least expect it...

This week my Mom finally went to the Dr. and after tests/x-rays is now on meds.  It will be a slow process for her to feel better.  There are still many concerns.  Thus far my Dad is doing ok.

Thursday morning, quite early in fact, I put the computer on to check in and first read the news that Target is closing in Canada.  It is a blow as my DH is one of the 17,600 that will be out of work soon. In trying to access our situation I did a quick recap of the monthly/yearly things to take care of and to be prepared for.  As well, I read what information was available (not much really) so by the time DH got up and before he turned on the TV  I was able to break the news to him.    It wasn't totally unexpected but the magnitude of all stores closing hadn't been talked about at all.  He works with a great group of people.   It has been a great ride during the past two years.

Other than the washer going, the house is quiet.  It is my time to regain perspective.   DH is at work. There might be more information today as to the future.

So truly it is time to Keep Calm and Carry on.

In the big picture, things will work out.  It's like starting a new blank page  ...except we thought we were on a page and I was quite happy with it, thank you very much.

That being said, life continues  .......the outdoor birds continue to visit, spring bulbs are poking up out of the soil.  Two neighbors have snowdrops is bloom in their gardens.  The primulas that were purchased last week (at .99 each they add so much color for so little spent) are doing well.

I've finished a half granny crochet blanket.  Three stitching projects are ready to be sewn.

A mango seed I planted has sprouted.  I doubt that I will ever see mango's growing ......but I didn't think it would sprout either.

And the two vanilla persimmons on the counter, their time has come.  They are ripe enough to use for Vanilla persimmon bread.  First time trying persimmons so it will be interesting.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

First post of the New Year

December felt like a whirlwind....most enjoyable but just busy.  Christmas Day was so much fun and lunch went off without a hitch.  New Year's Eve was a quiet evening at home.  We had champagne (gift from our anniversary) and a cheese fondue.

New projects are underway.   Another half granny square blanket is almost finished and a small 2015 stitching piece.   Pictures to follow.  I've signed up for a stitched mailart exchange.

new year, new beginnings.......