Saturday, January 17, 2015

and when you least expect it...

This week my Mom finally went to the Dr. and after tests/x-rays is now on meds.  It will be a slow process for her to feel better.  There are still many concerns.  Thus far my Dad is doing ok.

Thursday morning, quite early in fact, I put the computer on to check in and first read the news that Target is closing in Canada.  It is a blow as my DH is one of the 17,600 that will be out of work soon. In trying to access our situation I did a quick recap of the monthly/yearly things to take care of and to be prepared for.  As well, I read what information was available (not much really) so by the time DH got up and before he turned on the TV  I was able to break the news to him.    It wasn't totally unexpected but the magnitude of all stores closing hadn't been talked about at all.  He works with a great group of people.   It has been a great ride during the past two years.

Other than the washer going, the house is quiet.  It is my time to regain perspective.   DH is at work. There might be more information today as to the future.

So truly it is time to Keep Calm and Carry on.

In the big picture, things will work out.  It's like starting a new blank page  ...except we thought we were on a page and I was quite happy with it, thank you very much.

That being said, life continues  .......the outdoor birds continue to visit, spring bulbs are poking up out of the soil.  Two neighbors have snowdrops is bloom in their gardens.  The primulas that were purchased last week (at .99 each they add so much color for so little spent) are doing well.

I've finished a half granny crochet blanket.  Three stitching projects are ready to be sewn.

A mango seed I planted has sprouted.  I doubt that I will ever see mango's growing ......but I didn't think it would sprout either.

And the two vanilla persimmons on the counter, their time has come.  They are ripe enough to use for Vanilla persimmon bread.  First time trying persimmons so it will be interesting.


Michelle said...

"We thought we were on a page and I was quite happy with it, thank you very much." I can relate to that! But being adaptable seems to be a very important skill, since the Lord gives us lots of opportunities to learn it. I hope the changes aren't TOO traumatic, especially for your DH. Seems their self-worth is so tied to their jobs....

audrey said...

Hi Debbie.
Thank you for the Birthday Wishes.
I was scrolling your blog and noticed that you had a doxie, "Quincy". He was a beauty and I'm sure you loved him SO much. How old was he? You have maybe seen our Jake on my blog. He is a miniature and he will be 4 in September. I can't imagine life without him. How did you cope with losing him? I am very sorry.
I am also sorry about the Target news. I truly hope things will work out for you and your DH. If you believe, the Lord will help along the way.
Take care, Debbie. Thank you for your visits.

Jeanne said...

Hope that your mother is improving!

kath001 said...

Just wanted to send an encouraging word. Hope this is one of those times when what seems like a stumble ends up leading to something even better. kathleen