Saturday, June 28, 2014

where is summer??

One week of summer and we've yet to really have much warmth.  The weatherman keeps promising warmer weather......sigh

A few months ago, after much talking/discussion with DH, I decided to give my notice to my employer. My last day was June 13th.   It feels like forgetting what I knew and remembering what I forgot.  Over the years there have been so many things that have had to stay on the back burner and now, new doors are opening. It is time for me to focus on my family.  Time spent is priceless.

The past two weeks have been very different.  I'm rediscovering cooking, starting from scratch, everything fresh and not so many 'rushed dinner's to prepare.  Mind you it's is a work in progress.  My "to do" list is a bit shorter too, well I can dream can't I?  At least it is a start.

One of the first projects that I completed was finishing a crochet blanket that my daughter started. Some of the squares needed to be squared up (sure made it easier for joining).  I had some yarn that matched and made a reasonable border.  I think she's pleased with the finished piece.

The remembering what I forgot, OMG, my stash of stitching, knitting and crafts, how nice to rediscover them!  Even the sewing machine that has sat idle, I'm already thinking about  new projects.

Enjoy the sweet days of summer!