Saturday, August 31, 2013

Last weekend of August

It is the end of August...just where did the time go??  It's been a wonderful summer.  And still the sunshine continues. 

have a good one!


Sunday, August 25, 2013

Friday, August 23, 2013

summer silence

It has been far too long since my last post.  Now we're heading for the end of August, then onward to September and Fall.  Summer is great but Fall is the best, the perfect blend of warm days and cool evenings.

We've been enjoying an awesome summer.   The really hot spell only lasted a short time.  Otherwise it's been mid twenties every day.   And as much we need the rain the lack of it has been quite a change from normally damp summers.

Many batches of roasted tomatoes have been made and frozen, along with jams (strawberry/guava, peach/apricot  and red current) and sauces (rhubarb/onion).  And bread and butter pickles too.   Now it's time to get chopping leeks, celery and peppers to freeze.   And kale pesto....turned out wonderful. 

We've enjoyed time with our grandsons too.  My goodness the boys are growing.  Pictures next post. And their Mom and Dad just celebrated their 9th Anniversary.  Congrats!

This time has been busy with my parents as well, medical appointments are now part of our routine. It's ok.  I'm glad we live close enough to be of help. 

Knitting needles are still going, stitching needle is currently gathering dust...........I think I need a kick start to get going again.   One piece of aida cloth is currently under a coffee bath.   The warm brown tone is looking pretty good.

We attended a local Blueberry Festival  two Saturdays ago.  My main reason was to visit the Pic-Knit displays.   I came across one vender selling fleece, rovings, wool.....sooo many tempting things...I can away with a hand spindle and some fleece to try hand spinning.  At the indoor area many ladies had floor spinning wheels (tradional and modern styles).    Definitely fun to watch.  Outside again there were many displays and food to try.  Home made blueberry pie....it was yummy.  The event actually carried over many of the streets of Dowtown Cloverdale.  Next year we will plan to stay longer and take in more of the venues.  And take a camera!

And that fleece...still in the bag...I've much more reading to do!  I'm pleased with the Ashford spindle from NZ, compared to making one, this one is beautiful.

From this corner, have a good day everyone!  And a great weekend! 

I do appreciate your comments.

till next time.....