Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday, sunday

It is a lazy sunday morning. DH has caught the sore throat/cough/cold thing that I had last week. While he tries to catch some zz's I've been stitching. Even Quincy poked his head out then went back to bed.

Thus far some sunshine coming in our windows and no wind blowing outside. Yesterday would have been nice and warm but the gusts of wind offput the chance to sit outside and stitch.

I've enjoyed stitching this mermaid with Carrie's threads. The mermaid and medalions are stitched two over one and the fish are one over one.

And then it's back to 'The Future' . With longer evenings I hope I can get more stitching done.

Of course there are a couple of new project waiting and the UFO's ..... truly so much stitching and so little time.

till next time

Thursday, April 8, 2010

it might be spring...it's cold outside

Wild and windy describes the weather in these parts, great for being indoors and stitching.

Easter was spent with family. We all went out to brunch. The food was yummy. It was bittersweet just the same with the loss of Shana too fresh for everyone. And so we move forward.

I returned to work on monday. It felt like being dropped from space back into my desk and chair. And it's tax season to boot.

Last evening tried to stitch but someone let the frogs out....darn...and I missed something on the chart...sigh. Anyways it's a small project using Carries (not my wip), almost done so I will post a photo soon.

think Spring!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

in an instant, life changes

Yesterday afternoon was heart wrenching. Late afternoon my daughter called to say that their little dog Shana had been killed and could I come over. They had been on their daily walk to the park. On their return while waiting for the traffic light Shana became spooked, backed out of her collar and bolted into traffic. In an instant everything changed.
I called our vet and explained what had happened and arranged to take Shana there for her last car ride.
So it was a very sad evening. She will be missed.