Friday, July 5, 2019

where is summer?

Out on the west coast summer has yet to find it's way for anything more than a day or two. I guess compared to heat waves, earthquakes, floods, etc. this is quite ok thank you.

Tomorrow brings the Tour de France.   And the Tour de Fleece......and so it begins...

Friday, June 21, 2019

Welcome Summer!

Simple pleasures in the garden....Spurt II works well, beans and tomatoes are doing well and
the canna lilies have come up.

It seems that every day we have 'seasons'...sunshine and a hint of warmth then clouds and wind.  For late June 11 C in the morning...brrr.  Pour another cup of coffee please.

Sometimes a plan comes together.   I wanted a small plyboard for the turtle singles (what you get when spinning with a Jenkins spindle).   After looking at many diy ideas online I came up with this.  In the process I discovered that when buying a length of wood check the actual measurement!!  There is a difference between advertised  and actual . 

The green board lives with me and the brown one was gifted to a friend.

My May June challenge on the Ravelry Jenkins group is complete.  The 4 oz braid of Balsam is done.
Next up a spa day (final wash/dry for skeins of yarn).  Today might be the day!

Next up on Ravelry will be the Tour de Fleece.  July means lots of spinning (with new roving to try) while enjoying the Tour de France.

now it's back to the garden to pick fresh herbs....

till next time.....

Thursday, June 13, 2019

a minor reprieve

Yesterday was too hot, 30 C and it lasted well in to the evening.

At 9 am it was 26 in the family room so with reluctance we brought out the ac units.  One minor detail...we forgot where the drainage hoses were put...  eventually they were located, set up and water puddles cleaned up due to the error of our ways.   With the ac's up and running it made a big difference inside  One day's use won't add too much to the hydro bill (here's hoping).

And this morning, a lovely light breeze and cooler.  21 at the moment.  This is how it should be.

Time to water the tubs on the patio.

till next time....

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

it's that kind of day

Cooler again and overcast  so the perfect time to bake.  Strawberry muffins and a loaf, two loaves of bread and a pan of rolls. Currently in the oven, a layered veggie egg white quiche for dinner tonight.  And there went my morning and part of my afternoon!

Yesterday was perfect for fleece drying.  While I continue washing small batches this is my make do drying rack.  It actually works pretty good.  The basin underneath is just to catch any drips of water....and keep a certain little dog out (lol).

Seeds in the boy's garden boxes are growing.  Even since Sunday when Noah and Nate checked them there is new growth.  It's such a fun project for them........aside from digging in the dirt.

And now while there is a bit of time this afternoon it's back to hand spinning  for me.

till next time ....

Monday, June 3, 2019

getting ready to board

Please go over to Nadine's blog for the 3rd Tour of France.      http://jocondine.blogspot.com   It's a fun game to play along.   Travels through France are delightful.  And Nadine's drawings and work setting it up, well amazing!

Bonne chance!

blowing in the wind

For this first Monday of June sunshine and blue skies ...so nice....except it's stayed windy all day (and cold unless you're in the sun)  so how to take advantage of the situation.... make it a fleece wash day.  I carefully opened  my box of Blaise fleece and removed enough to put in two basins.  A cold soap soak followed by a hot soap soak and then a rinse soak.  The excess water has been removed from both lots and they're currently air drying in a mesh bag/hangers.

Lovely to work with.  I can't wait to see what it's like to spin with.  Thank you to Michelle of Boulderneigh  for your Shetland sheep    https://boulderneigh.blogspot.com  and of course to Blaise.

The week is off to a great start!

till next time......

Saturday, June 1, 2019

welcome June!

It's a new day,  it's a new month ....

Saturday, May 25, 2019

no sunscreen required

Mother Nature has decided that we need a sprinkle of rain (lol) as it's been closer to monsoons and darn well cool (11 C).  Enough so that even on the tv weather report it was suggested to bundle up before heading outdoors.   This is the end of May right??   Brighter days ahead, well at least that's what is in the forecast.

So far today I've worked on my wool roving stash.  Both listing what I have and making it fit into a three drawer storage unit (of course it will fit, really just another push)   It is a work in progress .........perhaps I should learn to spin in my sleep. 

The other day my spouse came home with a dozen roses. Definitely a surprise.  The fragrance is lovely.  Currently they're sitting on a table just outside the slider door, sort of a natural cooler allowing the blooms to slowly open. 

Of course there has been spinning.  Two Swan spindles in use for plying.  On the left Mouse Ears plyed weighing in at a net of 72 grams and Blake weighing in at a net of 100 grams.

I've a few small singles of Blake that I'm plying and then done.  Upcoming will be a spa day for all the plyed wool.   It's the best kind of laundry day.

In the garden there is progress. Sweet peas are up. Likewise beans and pickling cucumber.  While at the local home improvement store I spent time in the seed section.    Believe it or not I did keep to the list.   Three packages of seeds selected for our grandson's garden boxes. Sunflower Munchkin, Carrot Little Finger and Bean Rattlesnake.  Also I've started two potatoes in the dark of the cupboard to that the boys can plant these as well. 

Looking outside it appears the rain has stopped and it's almost bright(er).  And the day is yet young.

till next time .......

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

something new

While our weather continues sunny and cooler it seemed the perfect time to try new recipes....two in two days.   Yesterday strawberry muffins, a recipe I found on once upon a chef by Jenn Segal.  Good recipe/results.  I doubled the recipe for 12 muffins and one 8 x 8 cake.  The cake needed an hour at 375 F.  Parchment muffin pan liners worked really well.   The best part is that they freeze well.

This morning New England Hot Dog buns (without the specialty pan).  I used the Buttery Hot Dog Buns recipe from King Arthur Flour.  And here's the result........

I doubled the recipe and will freeze one tray.   They more or less look right.  Each bun is then toasted on the sides and cut top down (through three quarters) and add your filling.   yum!  Tonight it will be either Basil  shrimp or Shrimp Salad. 

Both recipes are keepers.

that's about it for now......have a good week!

Sunday, May 19, 2019

behind the hedge

It is the simple things that bring pleasure.   

Sunshine, blue skies (maybe some warmth on the temperature gauge)  and on the patio...Spurt is up and running again this year.  I've always enjoyed fountains and this little solar one is a great compromise.   The water dish is just an old plant saucer and the base is part of an old indoor/outdoor vac (thanks Dad).

Behind the hedge, seeds planted are now sprouting (even if the packet says best before, give it a try and plant them anyways),  the fragrance of the lilac still lingers, the hummers visit often and overhead views of eagles gliding the currents.   Simple pleasures.

till next time.....

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

May daze

And here we are, it's May, sunny skies and warmer weather.....

Much time has been spent doing the patio shuffle to create spaces.  Definitely a work in progress. 

The area outside the family room feels right like this is where we're meant to be.

The view further down the patio.

And beyond the gate, blooms to come

The blooms on this lilac are lovely and the fragrance  is divine.

Once the gaps are filled with annuals, seeds planted  and maybe a string of solar lights hung then this year's patio will be good to go.

My hand spinning continues.  With DH's help cutting and drilling I now have a simple plyboard for plying turtle singles.  Not a fancy piece of work but it does the job nicely.    Spacing is such it will take standard bobbins as well.

And now I know where my times goes..........

till next time.....

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Happy Easter

Wishing everyone a very Happy Easter!

Colored eggs to enjoy.   This year I tried the cool whip and food coloring method.  It works quite well.  The suggested presoak in vinegar does make the colors brighter.

Easter turtles.   My hand spinning continues.

And today's spinning project Mouse Ears.

Out on the patio......

Today has been sunny and warmer (well a bit, 16 C feels pretty good).  You can almost smell the lilac fragrance. 

Blossoms up close.  Another view from the end of the patio.


The fig tree is showing promise.

A Sully kind of day......sunshine, a blanket and a buddy to sit with.

till next time....

Saturday, April 13, 2019

April showers

Spring is here and so is the rain.  We can't complain as March was the second driest on record and now we're catching up a bit.  But would it be too much to have just a touch of warmth outside?  9 C feels darn well cold...enough so that the heat in the house has been turned up.

The gazebo has been moved back to a corner position and seems to be holding in place.  Fingers crossed that this will be ok.  We've considered buying sandbags to anchor the posts.

The rest of the patio areas are a work in progress.    The outer garden, left and right....
That whole 'less is more' doesn't seem to be working too well.

A resident ladybug adopted a new hellebore.

Another hideout .....

...and on the move. 

I'm not sure how impressed it is with my coming round so often with the camera

And when the skies do clear and we get a view like this, it makes it all worthwhile.

Hand spinning has not been forgotten.  All things Blake, beautiful roving to work with  from singles to two and three plys  and now the box is done.

There are still singles to be plyed along with a spa day for completed skeins.  And then "What to make?"

Haunui Half Breed   Sabine  

That rainy day feeling.

till next time.....

Friday, April 5, 2019

flying gazebos

We managed to get the errands done and home again before the rain hit.   Nice, so I thought.....
and then the winds picked up (still ok at this point) but the next gust picked up the gazebo frame and shifted it over two feet.   Thankfully the cedar hedge provided a good buffer otherwise the gazebo would have been gone landing on the driveway.  So the best laid plans for a new look for the patio might be changing again.   In lieu of a boat anchor, the legs of said gazebo are currently held in place with bags of soil at one post, a large heavy planter wedged at the second, the third wheel in a bucket and the fourth, hey go for it  because as far as I can see it won't be going too far.

And this was to be a quiet day.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

where does the time go

My efforts to stay on track and blog regularly seem to get derailed....by me....be it hand spinning (oh this can use up a lot of time), looking at more roving online, looking at sheep and their fleece online, sort of a trend here.....

anyways, Spring is here (finally), it is warmer (finally)  and it has been possible to have the doors and windows open.   Hibernation is done!

The patio shuffle has started.  This week I found hellebore one gallon plants on markdown for $5.00 each.  All they needed was a good drink of water to revive them.  Once potted up this resident has found a  new favorite spot (last year's mum plant is no longer in vogue for this ladybug).

Today marks four years since my Mom passed away.   Truly, where does the time go?  Life is different for sure.   I don't think that you really ever get past missing a loved one but there does come a point of acceptance.   Both my parents died within seven months.   Hopefully we can do their lives proud.   Gone but never forgotten.

Remember...... share smiles, be kind.....think of others.....

till next time.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

almost out of February

My blog has been sorely neglected......I blame it on the weather.....hibernating and doing this,

lots ( and lots) of  hand spinning.  Here are my Summer Blues for the challenge.
The above is part of the Feb/March challenge in the Jenkins spindle challenge on the Ravelry group.


OH Baby
For this challenge we will need to dig out the old photo albums and find a favorite picture of ourselves as a baby/toddler! Once we have made our photo pick, we must pick our fiber to match the photo in some way. Maybe match what we are wearing, or what someone else in the photo is wearing. Match the background or the scenery. Maybe it was taken at the beach and you have fiber with beach in the name…be creative! We will need to make a starting post with our photo and a photo of our fiber stating the connection. Then we just spin!

These are the oldest photos I could find.....vintage 1955 and 1956. 

And one more oldie, just because.....  a Sunday outing at Stanley park.

and yes, I do miss them.

We missed many snowfalls but when it did snow we received our fair share....all at once.

And in between the skies provided this.

And for the resident hummers, nothing but the best (well, almost).  A plastic dish lined with thin styro insulation and a shoelace string hanger made an ok holder for the feeder dish.   Only one night was the feeder content frozen solid.   So all was well in their world.   

Lots of other yarn spun as well.  Photos to come.   

And as for winter, please let it be done soon!!! 

Spring is coming......
stay tuned.