Wednesday, April 27, 2016

moving along

The weeks are passing too quickly.  Time in my computer has been minimal.  Since mid month we have forged ahead with moving things around/out to new homes, thrift store and some to the cleanup crew pickup.  It's all a process.   The family home belonging to my parents is now a house ready to sell.   The house is furnished suitably for presentation and showings.  No longer will we say let's go over to Mom and Dad's.  

It's hard to explain the feelings that I have regarding all this.   It feels like forever but it has only been a few months since Dad's passing.  I know he would want us to be doing what we are and moving on. So would Mom for that matter.

Out our windows we see this.  The trees were covered in blossoms this year.  They don't last long.

More blooms to enjoy.   Nestled behind the hedge, that's us.  From the patio there is lots of light and sky views.  It's our oasis.....truly a secret garden.

Last Friday marked Nate's 6th birthday.  And he was so excited at his party on Saturday.  With friends to play with, cake to eat and presents to open....definitely a special day!

all for now...........

Friday, April 1, 2016

Happy April

So here I am again, the weeks have slipped by and I've been neglecting my blog.  Here's why.....

It was always in our plan to do some renos to our current home.  Plans get derailed and time passes. Finally we bit the bullet and went shopping for something new for flooring.   The old carpeting is gone and the new vinyl flooring is in. The reveal photo to come.  

As most of our house had to be packed up for this project we had a taste of tiny house living....two people and one dog living within the confines of a bedroom/bathroom.  It has given me a new appreciation of living simple and simple pleasures.   It's going to make the next part of de-cluttering way easier to accomplish.

As the work started on Tuesday we've yet to put all the rooms back in order.  The kitchen and family room are comfortable for now.  So long as Sully has his space (lol), we have the computer and TV working and space to be, well it's not too bad.  The rest will be an adventure.

Our weather continues mild and sunny, warm actually as temperature records have been broken. 

Happy Friday!

till next time ...