Sunday, January 15, 2012

stitching updates

January Country Cottage is underway.  I'm enjoying the colors.  It's working up fairly quickly.

SAL in progress.  Stitchers Days of Christmas. 

Next up will be Quaker gone Tropic.  I'm considering using a varigated floss for the whole project in place of the colors shown in the photo.

Winter days and nights, snow days  and  spring ...........

new tusal jar

Last year's contributions add some color to this jar.  With more room in this jar, hopefully means more stitching done and more threads to add. 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

about that tooth fairy............

She didn't come, maybe it's because I didn't ask the dentist for a souvenir.  Oh well, next best thing, order something new to stitch, LK, so it should be fun.....after yesterday, it was definitely good for morale!   It has been years, lots of them since last having a tooth pulled.  Definitely was not it my plans to start 2012.

Meanwhile I've been patiently waiting for my chart and supplies for the Country Cottage SAL, hopefully it arrives soon.  (Not tonight, DH just arrive home with the mail, no parcel)

This weekend  I must pull the threads and decide on a fabric for the Stitchers Days of Christmas.  I'm really looking forward to this. 

Last weekend we took down all things Christmas.  It's amazing that everything continues to fit in the storage bins, even with a few new purchases. I do miss the outdoor lights. This time of year it's always an added sparkle to brighten the evening.

It's dark and blustery tonight.  We've had lots of rain but also mild temperatures and everything is green.
I took a peek at the tubs on the corner of the patio.   Spring bulbs are already up.   It's a good thing it's sheltered because there is still a lot of winter to get through yet!

Tonight I will stitch.  Partners have been assigned for the Winter Smalls exchange on ILCS.   It's nice to know who the recepient will be. 

till next time ..............

Sunday, January 1, 2012

pass the salad please ............

So you'd think, ok, a New Year, let's do it right, a nice spinach salad for lunch.  Tasted great, DH reached his fill by the second helping, all was fine.  And then it happened, I broke a tooth.  There is never a good time for something like this to happen.  That being said I don't hold much hope of there being a dentist on call tomorrow....... so how did you spend your day????

Happy 2012 everyone!

till next time.......