Sunday, July 29, 2018

end of the Tour

and  beginning of new directions....more hand spinning, more hand stitches ...

Here's day 21....

five skeins and a bit  (somewhat chunky but that's ok)  I'm content 

 Back to day zero, my Jenkin's Swan getting a  real road test.

I'm so glad that I joined Ravelry's Tour de Fleece this year.

hope everyone is weathering the heat....stay cool!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

twists and turns

The long summer days are wonderful, the heat with it, not so much.  And the heat wave shows no signs of letting up just yet.

Yesterday the breeze across the patio allowed for outdoor time (compared to staying in with the ac).

As much as I like new, I'm a believer in using what I have (or finding something to make it work).  I've accumulated  a few completed spindle balls of wool that I wanted to ply and then wind off to 'look like a skein'.    A nitty noddy .....read the diy's of how to make same (and it's too hot to run to Home Depot) so here's my home version (dowel, cut to length and filed to fit, along with Tinker Toy wooden fittings and rods)  and it works!  The ball holders are also Tinker Toy pieces.

The cutting board slot helped to hold the singles as I tried to ply on to the spindle.

Really needed more hands for this part.  More practice needed.

And it looked like this wound on......

    and finally, my first skein ever!

the spindle is calling ..................

stay cool ......

Sunday, July 15, 2018

counting noses...

It's been that kind of day, just when we thought all was well......the appy tray was cleaned meaning the squirrel was still on site.   At seven something this evening it was in the living room (so much for the screen barricade to the utility room) heading  towards the patio and then  it turned back,  we lost  it again.  Found in the bathroom, door shut, great except for DH and dog in arm  being there as well... Two out, barricade route set up, front door open and an escort out of the bathroom .... it was on it's way!!!

And I promise no more squirrel tales of woe.

Spindle work for day 8 completed.  Photo to follow.

Maybe tonight everyone will  get a good nights sleep!

and to all a good night......

hot! hot! hot!

Last weekend we hoped for warmer days and they're here....with no in between.  Predicted for mid 80's at least today.  So it's an indoor ac day.

Here's my day 7 hand spindle progress.

Our squirrel saga continues.  Wednesday evening we were sure the critter returned outside.  But were we really sure, well not so much.

Thursday late day Sully barked up a storm in the utility room...no, nothing to see here...until late afternoon yesterday and the commotion started again.   Still, nothing so started to move furniture, clean the dust bunnies hiding  and then must have moved something and it is a squirrel.   Many words muttered.  Sully banished to the kitchen.  And how to find a critter that doesn't want to be found. And how did we not encounter it in between? We opened the front door with the hallway blocked off and waited.  Still nothing.  A neighbour suggested loud heavy metal music.  Ok add a radio, let's party, even appetizers (cracker with peanut butter)  and nothing.  There was only one short bit of time when neither DH or I was on door watch and maybe it left.  To be sure DH brought in an extra slider screen door to secure the room.   As the hot water tank and furnace are in that room it tends to stay warm at best and it would be unkind to create a sauna for a stray critter. Calling pest control folks at 5 pm on a Saturday was almost a no go till I finally got a live person at the other end of the phone.  He had good suggestions to try first saving him having to charge us $$$.  He did followup a couple of hours later.  Good customer service.

So we are hopeful the squirrel is gone.  The pb and cracker remains untouched.  And Sully is quiet.
Perhaps order has been restored.

Second call to wildlife, a minor hiccup of ants.

In the big picture this is just stuff, it's that small picture.....

So sandwiches at 7 for dinner, a glass of wine and cookies.   

Today is a clean slate.   Now back to spinning.

till next time.... 

Friday, July 13, 2018

Summer is here

Not complaining about the added warmth but last weekend it was heavy rain and cooler and now in the 80's.   Mother Nature keeps us guessing.

Yesterday while it was 75 and holding indoors it was time to pull out one of the ac units and set it up.  Easy peasy except for the time spent looking for the board that hold the exit hose.  After much searching, it was of course hidden in plain sight so an hour later everything was a go with the cooler air up and running.

We seem to be a magnet for outdoor critters stopping by to say hello...inside our home.  Wednesday evening Sully was on patrol on the patio, he didn't see the squirrel at first nor the squirrel him and then the fun began.  DH tried to get the dog and as I went to close the slider door the squirrel b lined in.....so where would a squirrel go???  anywhere it pleases... Sully was hold up in the bathroom while we tried to find said little fellow.  Spotted him at the front door, climbing the wall I might add. While speaking quietly almost had the front door open and the squirrel out, well almost.   Eventually it leftt and order was restored.  Sully stayed on duty the rest of the evening till he fell asleep from all his work.
Overnight there was eau de skunk  very nearby.  Are we lucky or what?  Mid day Thursday a black squirrel was still out front going around the doorways and upstairs.

We've since purchased netting to put over the gazebo so that we can access a portion of the patio  without inviting the critter neighbourhood. 

My tour de fleece spinning is coming along.  Who would have thought that a week ago that I could make progress of sorts with the spindle.

Day 5 on the left.  Continued on day 6 with the multi color over the white. 
And below, off the spindle.

Day 7 a new start.  

Later this evening I'll go back to regular knitting while watching the taped Tour de France.

Wishing everyone a good weekend!

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

twist and spin

Day four of the Tour de France and day 4 of getting used to my Turkish spindle.  I opened a bag of Bluefaced leicester sliver  ....why didn't I try this sooner....I'm finding the drafting so much easier.

That said, still so much to learn.  Tomorrow is another day.   I've been keeping notes by day.  Perhaps come the end of July things will come together.

From my garden, a bonus of sorts...it's the first year there has been enough to pick.  The second time picking filled a  small container.


The southern skies are clearing and there is the promise of warmer weather in the days ahead.

 Nate at eight and Noah just turned 10.......where has the time gone?

and Sully, earlier this morning......there is nothing better than helping to open a present (he only had the tissue paper) ...the old girl opened her gift first!

that's it for today!

Sunday, July 8, 2018

catching up

Canada Day has come and gone.   It was cool and wet, not much of a feeling of summer and definitely no patio time.

Yesterday grandson # 1 turned 10.  Just where did the time go??  The party was held in their back yard...lots of kids, lots of food and no rain (well mostly).

Today, our weekly family  lunch here.....hey didn't we see you yesterday?? 

The Tour de France started yesterday.  As the coverage comes on at 2 am we taped it to watch later in the evening.  And so began the Tour de Fleece.  I signed up with two groups.  My experience with my drop spindle...well I'm definitely a newbie.  So no great expectations, just try and find my spinning groove.....

Here's progress to date:

Day zero, getting started with my Jenkins spindle.  The egg cup is working as a spinning base.

 Day 1 Trial and error.  The drafting still presents challenges.  So much to learn......

This is my accumulated stash.  I don't think there will be any concern of running out at my snail's pace.   It's all about finding my way with the wool.

Somewhere along the way while the Tour is on I will try my wheel as well. While on our road trip yesterday I'd planned to pick up an Ashford maintenance kit.  Turns out that my route was altered due to a local festival in Abbotsford and I couldn't get near the shop.  Another time.

I plan to try my day 2 spinning a bit later this evening.  I've started a journal to track the ups and downs of the wool twists.  Photos will be a record.  Maybe one day I can look back and appreciate all of this. 

And I realize that my Swan Turkish spindle needs a friend.  Fingers crossed that a Jenkins will come available to buy.

meanwhile wishing everyone a good week!

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Happy Canada Day!

While out west it's cool and damp, to the east that is sweltering in a heat wave and all points in between.....it is our day to celebrate our country. 

Spread kindness, share a smile ....and respect our diversity.

Wishing everyone a wonderful day and weekend!