Friday, July 13, 2018

Summer is here

Not complaining about the added warmth but last weekend it was heavy rain and cooler and now in the 80's.   Mother Nature keeps us guessing.

Yesterday while it was 75 and holding indoors it was time to pull out one of the ac units and set it up.  Easy peasy except for the time spent looking for the board that hold the exit hose.  After much searching, it was of course hidden in plain sight so an hour later everything was a go with the cooler air up and running.

We seem to be a magnet for outdoor critters stopping by to say hello...inside our home.  Wednesday evening Sully was on patrol on the patio, he didn't see the squirrel at first nor the squirrel him and then the fun began.  DH tried to get the dog and as I went to close the slider door the squirrel b lined in.....so where would a squirrel go???  anywhere it pleases... Sully was hold up in the bathroom while we tried to find said little fellow.  Spotted him at the front door, climbing the wall I might add. While speaking quietly almost had the front door open and the squirrel out, well almost.   Eventually it leftt and order was restored.  Sully stayed on duty the rest of the evening till he fell asleep from all his work.
Overnight there was eau de skunk  very nearby.  Are we lucky or what?  Mid day Thursday a black squirrel was still out front going around the doorways and upstairs.

We've since purchased netting to put over the gazebo so that we can access a portion of the patio  without inviting the critter neighbourhood. 

My tour de fleece spinning is coming along.  Who would have thought that a week ago that I could make progress of sorts with the spindle.

Day 5 on the left.  Continued on day 6 with the multi color over the white. 
And below, off the spindle.

Day 7 a new start.  

Later this evening I'll go back to regular knitting while watching the taped Tour de France.

Wishing everyone a good weekend!


Michelle said...

Definitely progress! Yay, you!

kath001 said...

Color me impressed! (With the spinning as well as the squirrel wrangling) :)

gracie said...

You are a spinner!