Sunday, July 15, 2018

counting noses...

It's been that kind of day, just when we thought all was well......the appy tray was cleaned meaning the squirrel was still on site.   At seven something this evening it was in the living room (so much for the screen barricade to the utility room) heading  towards the patio and then  it turned back,  we lost  it again.  Found in the bathroom, door shut, great except for DH and dog in arm  being there as well... Two out, barricade route set up, front door open and an escort out of the bathroom .... it was on it's way!!!

And I promise no more squirrel tales of woe.

Spindle work for day 8 completed.  Photo to follow.

Maybe tonight everyone will  get a good nights sleep!

and to all a good night......

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