Friday, August 3, 2012


Here we are, mid way through summer and this long weekend is shaping up to be hot, right through next week!!   The best part is that the days are warm  yet it cools down nicely overnite.  It's the best time for stitching, knitting and chopping in the kitchen.  Leeks, celery, peppers, so far a few batches of each cut and frozen for use this winter.  As for the big box of apricots sitting in the kitchen....what was I thinking....the price was too good to pass up.  And not to forget, the pickling cucumbers, the recipe for bread and butter pickles is so easy. 

This is the ornament that Evalina sent me in my birthday package (ILCS birthday club).  The stitching is beautiful!  It is very special to receive a stitched gift!

It was time to knit.  I found this beautiful yarn at the Elann site.  It's working up very quickly.  

I've had this cotton tote bag for a while.  I tried hand dying with red cabbage and the result is a soft pink.   Stitching on the aida within the bag was creative.  I'm glad it was an easy pattern and with varigated floss, I'm pleased with the finish.

This is the back of the summer ornament that is enroute to my exchange partner.  I'll post a picture of the front once it has been received. 
Lots of bees this year.  They seem to love the white lobelia flowers.  As for taking a picture, they're not too cooperative!

enjoy your weekend!
till next time....................................