Saturday, November 28, 2009

It's in the air...

the Christmas season. Aside from the overload of flyers in the papers and busy shopping malls one of the best parts of the season are the displays of lights. Neighbours across the street have a beautiful tree in their front window. In our complex, it's December 1st that the lights go on! Some of our neighbours are in full swing of decorating. As for the Burkes, we're working on it.

It's a very soggy saturday morning and for six something still very dark. A blurry eyed Quincy has just stopped by the computer chair for a good morning head rub. It is a dog's life!

And now it's blurry eyed DH stopping for a moment and heading back for more Z's. So this weekend is off and running, well sort of.

I really enjoy making cards. I've been working on small cross stitch pieces to attach to Christmas cards. So it's time to put it altogether, including some embossing. Pictures to follow.