Saturday, April 11, 2015

moving forward

Here we are, Saturday, again....a week later and although I know it has happened, it is hard to believe that my Mom is gone.

Thank you for your kind words. I am grateful, they are truly appreciated.

At points this week I have sat and stitched. Be it stitching, knitting or crochet, hand work seems to be my release.

Yesterday in the afternoon  we moved plants on the patio.  The plants from my parent's garage that were moved over for a short stay (more sunlight) will be staying here.  Happily, everything is growing well. It's definitely a work in progress to do justice to them.  My fig trees managed their first winter and are growing well.   I'm pleased that the white lilac has many bud sets this year.

The birds still consider the patio their personal playground.  They have adjusted to the lack of sunflower seeds and a feeder.  We've had more than one mouse sighting and as "Murray" didn't seem to be too afraid of humans, it was time to call it a day and take in the feeder till the fall.  I'm sure one mouse would lead to two and then the whole darn family.........and thank you very much , not on the patio and not in the house!

Not many hummingbird around at the moment, it must be nesting time.  Last week we did have a large heron on the roof  across from us.  I managed a few pictures (coming soon).  We continue to enjoy the eagles.  Yesterday there were two pairs gliding the currents. Trying to get a decent photo...lol.

To the south there is a small patch of blue sky, maybe that is a sign of brighter days ahead........

Monday, April 6, 2015

when least expected ....

To explain my silence/absence from blogging, honestly I don't know where to begin.

Some time back I had posted a short note regarding changes with my Mom's health.  After week in hospital in early February she returned home and there seemed to be a level for her.   February became March, changes continued to happen.  My Mom seemed better with acceptance of this than the rest of us  (more so me).  Seeing bit by bit her daily routine being altered and including less ....it just seemed so unfair.  March ended and we moved on to April.  I even had some hope that the new 'level' would last/continue and we could look forward to May.

Every day shared with her, and my Dad was wonderful.  And I'm truly thankful for all the days.  Last week on Thursday I popped over for a visit.  Mom in her chair and Dad beside her in his,  both holding hands....both in a conversation.  I will treasure that moment seeing them together so connected.  Pretty good for a pair married 64 years!

Plans were in place to take them over a special Easter lunch.  I'd stitched an Easter bread cloth/table mat for the tray, along with the other goodies to make the day a bit more special for them.

Sadly, there were greater plans than ours and Mom passed away peacefully  at home Saturday morning.

Sunday plans continued with the rest of our family but it was much lower key.  Our grandsons had fun finding eggs.  It was Easter and Mom was with us in spirit.

My Dad is coping, some moments better than others.  We're all helping each other.

In the past few days there have been things to take care of that I never imagined doing.  Today has already been long one. With arrangements now taken care of (in what was hours to accomplish) in accordance with Mom's wishes and those of my Dad, now there is time to be still.  Listening to the sounds of birds, glancing at the flowers in bloom, it is my chance to regain some perspective of what has happened.

The week ahead will be busy and we will get through.

To Mom,

We love you and miss you.

Thank you for loving us.

I would like to acknowledge Julie, Kate and Wendy from the GYOB party.  I was so very fortunate to be the winner of not one blog giveaway  but three!!..   Ladies I haven't properly posted yet regarding the lovely gifts that I received along with the links to your blogs.   Please bear with me just a bit longer and accept my apologies for my tardiness.  I will do  proper thank you's in an upcoming blog.

Wishing everyone a good week.  Take time to say 'I love you" to those special people in your lives.