Sunday, December 27, 2015

Not an ordinary day.

Everything changed yesterday.  Dad had a stroke or a seizure and is in hospital.  We're hoping for the best.  

Thursday, December 24, 2015

And to all ....

Merry Christmas
Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Raise a glass .....

Happy Birthday Mom!

Remembering you today and always.

Monday, December 14, 2015

the best gifts of all

Thank you Noah and Nate for this year's art projects that have been made into cards.

The best gifts ever!

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Staying indoors, warm and dry

On the wet West Coast yet another storm system is hitting the coast.  Thankfully it is just rain and not snow!  Our outdoor lights that should run dusk to dawn are still on, so that implies it's gloomy....and it is.

Grocery shopping and errands were completed in short order this morning.  Anything else will wait for another day.  Soup is simmering on the stove.  Roast chicken is cooking in the oven as well as a cake.  After reading posts about  cassata cake I decided to give one a try.  The recipe I'm trying is one that can be made ahead and frozen, works for me.

I can finally post a picture of my first quilted posted as I know it's been received.  Definitely fun to do.  I'm already thinking of making another one.

Yesterday's mail included  a quilted postcard from my partner Sunny Schroeder.   I love the colors and the quilted design!

Also in the mail this week, from Lynda Ruth, a lovely card, crocheted tree ornaments and chocolate goodies.  Thank you so much!  The ornaments are already hung on our tree.  They look so delicate. And the chocolates might not last past this evening!

This profile of the hummer sort of sums up the day.  Even this little guy looks wet and rumpled.

A good weekend to all.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Christmas is coming ....

Well I don't know how so much time has passed since I posted on my blog.  It has been a busy, productive few weeks.

Here's what I've been doing.....

  fingerless gloves and hat

 more gloves.  Knitted flat and sewn together.  Nice pattern to knit.

Crochet neck warmer.

And  a stitching/finishing marathon.  Some have already headed to their new homes.



There are other items completed that I can't post pictures of just yet.  It's been a pleasure participating in exchanges.

We finally have a tree up and decorated.  This year it's a smaller tree that is safely (we hope) displayed atop a round table.  To a puppy everything is fair game and the larger tree would have provided far too much entertainment for Sully.  There is always next year.   

We added more outdoor lights this morning.  Still, the display of lights is simple.  It is one of the pleasures of the season that I enjoy the most.  It's 4:06 pm and yes, the lights all work!

Christmas will bring  a little something for everyone in our family.  Thankfully items ordered have all been delivered so next up will be now wrapping.

And this post is a wrap too.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

it's all about the numbers......

Sunday brought the end of daylight savings time.  Getting that hour back, ha, it sure didn't feel like we did. And sunset comes so much earlier.   The temperatures dipped to 3 (36 F) last night and tonight is to provide more of the same.

Sunday marked an important day, my daughter's 40th birthday!  We had a family lunch, cake, gifts and birthday wishes/singing Happy Birthday.  Photos to come.  Just where has the time gone?  I know that Mom was watching.  Among things that I had become guardian of was a Happy 40th Birthday card that Mom and Dad had picked out.  I returned it to Dad the other day so he could sign it.

This post is also my 175th.   Thank you to my followers and thank you even more for the comments that you leave.  They are appreciated.

I still can't post any pictures of the projects underway for exchanges, it would spoil the surprise.  DH works late this evening so I plan to put the finishing touches on one more item.

Dad stops by every afternoon to visit.  Actually I think it's more the time that he and Sully get to spend together.  Every now and then Sully forgets himself and tries to chew my Dad's fingers.  Not a popular move....overall they have  mutual admiration.  I keep trying to sneak a picture but no luck thus far.

Outdoors critters continue to visit, some more liked than others.  Chickadees, sparrows, junko's, even a Northern flicker visit along with the hummers that seem to have moved in.  Not seen but around the skunk, a rabbit and least favored a small mouse.  Even if there wasn't seed in the feeder (and the drop tray attached) I think the patio is the shortcut to greater pastures for the mouse.  I guess it's all part of the great outdoors!  And I don't feel any different about spiders, they do not belong in the house!!

Did you ever have something that you've always wanted, never hand?  For me it's been a spinning wheel.  I've wanted one always.   It's self contained compared to  pottery and the need/space for a kiln.  Working with clay has always been a passion.  Recent years haven't provided the opportunity so it was time to shift focus and consider a spinning wheel.  I guess it came down to timing.  I found a wheel in my price range and the seller was ok with shipping.   As of last Tuesday I have an Ashford wheel. I'm excited to get started.  That said, I must finish the current projects that are due to be mailed soon. After that, the adventure begins.  Hindsight was it is, I should have bought the one I saw in NZ back in 1989.

Stay warm!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Happy Friday

It's Friday, sunny, blue skies and promises of a warm afternoon so it doesn't get much better than that!   So here's what has been happening.....

First up, the Halloween mailart I received from Connie.  Her stitching is beautiful!

And here's what I stitched for her. The front has pumpkins and addresses (no photo)

On the home front, it's all about the critters .....

outdoors ....  a small feeder with a catch bowl.  It actually works pretty good for catching seed.   The chickadee doesn't seem to mind the lower level.

The hummers are back.  Now that it's cooler they seem to spend a lot of time either at the feeders or in the nearby trees.

The patio plant groupings are getting smaller.  I cut back the grape vine and have made a wreath with the cut portion.  The hardy fuschia continue blooming.

and the indoor critter....

Sully  looks so innocent doesn't he.....there seems to be untold amounts of mischief he manages to get in!  Mind you for him each day is a new one, new discoveries and finding his toys again.  It is a dog's life.

Sully and one of his gifts, named Aflac.

And then there are the little boys.......

Nate at 5, a selfie with my camera!

Noah at 7, very handsome!

I waited all summer for the pineapple sage to bloom  lol    finally brought the plant in and now it blooms.  

Here's a recent find at a thrift store.  It's a miniature painting by an Australian artist Terrence John Hadler titled Dusk at Euston Station.  I looked online and was able to read more about the artist. This painting was in a bag behind a small frame.  I was happy with my find.

Last evening I finally managed an outdoor (not through glass) photo of this guy.   Shortly after we watched as a pair of hummers played in and around the trees.  So nice to watch and enjoy.  

till next time......

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

October bliss

Since my last post somehow September slipped on by.  The best news of the month, DH interviewed for and started a new job.   It was a long five months for him without work.  The hours are pretty good and it's not too far away (10 minutes by car).  We seem to be back in the work groove again. Darn that alarm clock!

September seemed to be my time to dwell, stuck in thoughts of things that I cannot change and questions that will never be answered.  And finally I came to realize that by being 'stuck' I'm giving up time and energy ...and there is so much more I can and should be doing for my family, myself and friends.

I really do appreciate the comments left on my blog.  I'm catching up to acknowledge everyone, sorry for my tardiness.

The Halloween mailart is done and mailed out last week.  As soon as I know it's been received I'll post a picture. I'm working on projects for another exchange.  A couple of crochet projects underway. I've started knitting myself a fall wrap.  Cross stitch ornaments are being worked on as well.

As for Sully, he is growing.  Every day to him is a new one and as much as there is routine he does change up things.  This morning from 6 am it's been' I'm awake so what should we do?'  Most mornings as it's been cooler he likes to burrow in under his blankets and nap.  And that's usually when I can get some work done.  Ha, not so much this morning.  He is a delight and we all seem to be surviving puppy days (and nights).

The early morning sky was quite dramatic with clouds ranging from bright white to very grey/black.  It's now gone dark and looks like rain is coming.   Definitely fall.  After dropping DH to work I did manage a quick stop off to take a couple of pictures of trees in full fall reds and oranges.  I only had my phone with me but it was still better than no picture.

Having just said how dark it was now the sky has brightened up and the sun is peaking through. There is no explaining the weather.

Have a good one!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Last day of the month

Here goes.....

This is a reason for planting those expired date seeds.  They grow (sometimes) and even bloom!

This is the lovely parcel I received from Judith in the Christmas in July swap.  Delays in our mutual postal services resulted in an Awesome August.

And look at the beautiful stitched gifts, along with the floss and 2016 bookmark calendar.

Also in delayed mail (sent the end of July and arrived the end of August)  I received a beautiful hand made card from Nadine.

And stitching done on the Santa globe.  The chart is  freebie from Gazette 94.  I've stitched the pattern a few times (with color variations).  It's always fun.  Somehow I don't think there will be time for finishing today.

And while Sully sleeps ....   there is quiet  and then  .....

He's awake!

Blooming in my garden

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Last weekend of August

The storm that hit yesterday did bring the rain along with gusty winds.  We had done our grocery shopping in the morning and safely back home.  The earlier morning rain had stopped and again blue skies, white clouds and sunshine to the south and west ...along with the grey skies that covered everywhere else.  By noon the power was off and the winds howled.  Luckily in our complex no major damage, just a lot of plants and patio items moved about.

I had already heated up soup and boiled the kettle and filled two thermal jugs just in case.  There is always something to eat but nothing beats a hot cup of tea or hot chocolate.  DH took over one jug for my Dad along with a battery radio (theirs was awol).

Our power came back on some four hours later.  We are among the lucky as many folks continued long in to the evening without power.  Local tv news covered results of the weather, tress down everywhere....so it our corner we did just fine.

As 'regular' Saturday plans were out the window, what is there to do, stitch of course!  I've made progress on a Santa ornament, now on the back stitching.   As much as I've tried to streamline paper copies of my charts and just keep them on the computer, it only takes the power being out to realize that there is still good reason to keep my binder of paper copies to work from.  DH worked on his laptop with battery power.  Sully was not a fan of the weather.  He pulled his bed near my chair and slept.

This week I received a Christmas in July parcel from Judith in Germany.  The gifts received are beautiful!  Judith does lovely stitching.  Hand made gifts are truly treasured.  Photos to come.  And in true snail mail form, a card sent from Nadine in France that was mailed the end of July finally arrived the end of August.  The handmade card is beautiful.  And there is no explaining the postal services ....

There is a breeze blowing and the rain falling, so long as it stays at this level it's all good.

Last evening just as the last rays of sun shone through there was a rainbow to the south  ..... and  it made me think of  my Mom, beautiful and always with us, just beyond the rainbow.

Monday, August 24, 2015

it's Monday...again

Today feels like we are drifting towards fall.  There is a light breeze coming through the windows and even with sunshine streaming in, there is a coolness.  Ya for fall!!  I've not been a fan of the extreme heat this summer so I really am looking forward to fall this year.  The downside is that our days are getting shorter but it means time for knitting and crochet work., along with cross stitch of course.

There are still close to 200 forest fires burning in this province.  Smoke from fires in Washington State is heading north causing air quality advisories yet again.  I know we're not alone in this problem as so many places are having a tough fire season.

Sully had his vet visit last week and another round of puppy shots.  The only one that has caused him any notice has been the kennel cough one and now the resulting dough hack.  I've checked with the vet and so long as everything else is ok (eating, drinking, sleeping) then there is no concern and we weather it through.  Otherwise it will be a road trip to the vet again.

It is tough being a puppy!

Mondays are for  chores  and home time.  Currently the laundry is chugging away and a batch of bread has been started.  We much prefer home made bread but during the hot spells it hasn't been an option to put the oven on.   Yesterday I finally tried making tortillas.  I found a very easy recipe and was please with the results.  I will be making these again.

Recently is what I sent for a Christmas in July exchange.  It was fun stitching/making items for this exchange.   I checked the tracking and it shows as being received.

The item sent to me is somewhere in the post.   There is no explaining why some things are delivered/received promptly and others go on a scenic route!  It is a mystery.

The Halloween mailart project is coming along nicely.  Likewise items for the Santa Sack Swap.  I've even managed a bit of stitching while holding a sleeping puppy, definitely not my favorite way to stitch.

Looks like the bread is ready for the next step.

Have a good week!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Happy August

Another lovely day and it's hot again, still.....our portable ac unit has been going full tilt but it's not managing to get lower that 26 C indoors during the day and down to 23 overnight.   So after morning grocery shopping with my Dad, I headed off to Home Depot to see if there was any chance the had anything left in stock.  Low and behold two portable units were available and one came home with me.  An added bonus,  as the product code had to be entered manually it came up less than the known price but they honored what the computer said.  It all helps.  The new unit is up and running and along with the old one should be a vast improvement to our home.   Who knows, maybe I will get to stitch today!  Mind you that depends on how long the puppy naps.

Friday, July 31, 2015

wrapping up July

Here we are, mid summer already and still it continues hot and dry.

The brief rainy spell was a welcome relief but it didn't ease the water shortage nor the restrictions. DH collected rainwater from the roof gutter drains and filled two large Rubbermaid bins.  We've been using this water for the trees outside our unit.   It's still in the plan to put in a rain barrel or large watering bags  for the trees.  We can use a hose and nozzle to water the veggies/other plants on the patio but no lawns nor car washing.  Thank goodness the lingering haze from the forest fires has been blown away.  There wasn't much difference in the morning sun or evening moon.

The orange air lasted many days.  I guess we can be thankful that we weren't any closer to the fires. It continues to be a big problem in this province.

Noah turned 7 earlier this month.  Of course there is nothing better than cake

and a party ......

and testing the icing!

July 1st we (perhaps some of us more than others) enjoyed a patio party.  Hey, isn't it all about keeping cool?? And all water dispersed did drain to the adjacent hedge.

Those lucky enough to be at the other end of the patio were spared splashes.  But for Grandad  here's what happened....

And with that, this part of the party was done!  Nate, not to miss out (note, he had already more than splashed around water).   He went from semi wet  (yuck) to bare bottomed  and then declared he was done with water.

Here's what I stitched/made for my birthday draw that I sent to Meari.

This is the lovely gift I received from Nadine of //jocindine.blogspot.ca">Jocondine

Earlier this year Nadine shared a wonder mystery tour through France.  It was so much fun to explore France.  Her drawings and clues were amazing.  Along the way she gave prizes and I was a lucky recipient  Pop over to her blog and take a look.  

Nadine is stitching a Goose Game.   Here's my attempt at one, definitely a work in progress. Basically I'm winging it with my stitching.

It's always nice to try new recipes.  On Kathleen of Four Miles North of No Where shared this Tomato Pie recipe.   For the life of me, I couldn't find my glass pie plate so opted for a small rectangle glass dish.  The recipe  is definitely a keeper.  Take a moment and visit Kathleen's blog.


For another easy recipe, check out the Mennonite Girls can Cook blog.   The basil cheese biscuits are so quick to make, even on these hot days.

Yesterday, another milestone, DH turned 60!!  He's still waiting for his cake...it's coming....

but we've been a bit busy the last few days as we welcomed Sully to our family.  Meet Sullivan Peabody Burke.

It is a tough life being a puppy but I think he's managing just fine.

I've been working on other stitching projects (well until Tuesday afternoon that is ...before Sully) but no photos just yet.  

OK, it's a wrap on July.  I can't wait to see what's in store for August!