Sunday, August 30, 2015

Last weekend of August

The storm that hit yesterday did bring the rain along with gusty winds.  We had done our grocery shopping in the morning and safely back home.  The earlier morning rain had stopped and again blue skies, white clouds and sunshine to the south and west ...along with the grey skies that covered everywhere else.  By noon the power was off and the winds howled.  Luckily in our complex no major damage, just a lot of plants and patio items moved about.

I had already heated up soup and boiled the kettle and filled two thermal jugs just in case.  There is always something to eat but nothing beats a hot cup of tea or hot chocolate.  DH took over one jug for my Dad along with a battery radio (theirs was awol).

Our power came back on some four hours later.  We are among the lucky as many folks continued long in to the evening without power.  Local tv news covered results of the weather, tress down everywhere....so it our corner we did just fine.

As 'regular' Saturday plans were out the window, what is there to do, stitch of course!  I've made progress on a Santa ornament, now on the back stitching.   As much as I've tried to streamline paper copies of my charts and just keep them on the computer, it only takes the power being out to realize that there is still good reason to keep my binder of paper copies to work from.  DH worked on his laptop with battery power.  Sully was not a fan of the weather.  He pulled his bed near my chair and slept.

This week I received a Christmas in July parcel from Judith in Germany.  The gifts received are beautiful!  Judith does lovely stitching.  Hand made gifts are truly treasured.  Photos to come.  And in true snail mail form, a card sent from Nadine in France that was mailed the end of July finally arrived the end of August.  The handmade card is beautiful.  And there is no explaining the postal services ....

There is a breeze blowing and the rain falling, so long as it stays at this level it's all good.

Last evening just as the last rays of sun shone through there was a rainbow to the south  ..... and  it made me think of  my Mom, beautiful and always with us, just beyond the rainbow.


KimM said...

Oh what a sweet post - especially about the rainbow and your mom. They are always with us, aren't they?

Meari said...

Glad you didn't get much damage from the storm. Good point about paper copies. Did you get some stitching done?

Julia said...

I'm glad you weathered the storm without damage. Being prepared is always a good thing.

We do depend so much on power and I even try to turn on the lights when the power goes off. I'm such a creature of habits.
The rainbow reminder that your mom is still with you in spirit is nice.

I hope the god weather returns. Have a great week.

Julie's Lifestyle said...

Hi Debbie, so glad your storm was not too bad and no damage. I hope you have a nice Monday.