Monday, August 31, 2015

Last day of the month

Here goes.....

This is a reason for planting those expired date seeds.  They grow (sometimes) and even bloom!

This is the lovely parcel I received from Judith in the Christmas in July swap.  Delays in our mutual postal services resulted in an Awesome August.

And look at the beautiful stitched gifts, along with the floss and 2016 bookmark calendar.

Also in delayed mail (sent the end of July and arrived the end of August)  I received a beautiful hand made card from Nadine.

And stitching done on the Santa globe.  The chart is  freebie from Gazette 94.  I've stitched the pattern a few times (with color variations).  It's always fun.  Somehow I don't think there will be time for finishing today.

And while Sully sleeps ....   there is quiet  and then  .....

He's awake!

Blooming in my garden


Julia said...

Wow, you have a colorful post today, full of good things. Such thoughtful friends to send you beautiful gifts.

Sully is very cute and has that innocent look about him when he just woke up. I think he knows someone is talking about him.

Have a great September.

~ Dixie said...

The crossstitch Santas are so sweet. What a great swap.
The flowering date--vibrant and beautiful. Thanks for the pic. I've never seen one before.
And what a cute heart stealer puppy! I bet he's a lot of fun.

rosey175 said...

I plant expired seeds too, they seem to do alright for the most part! :)

You did receive lovely parcels even if they were delayed a bit! Maybe the postal workers were admiring before they sent them on.

jocondine said...

Hopefully my warm wishes will join you faster than my parcel! I love this Santa by Gazette 94 she has many charts with snow globes. Love the candle hardanger (?) bookmark too. Bisous

jocondine said...

I close my comment before adding how adorable looks Sully. Trop mignon !

Sheryl S. said...

What beautiful stitched and made gifts you have received. Cute dog.

Meari said...

Look at that face!!! So cute.

I really like that Santa snowglobe. I should stitch that one! ::sigh:: Maybe now that I'm working closer to home...

What a wonderful exchange. :)

September Violets said...

I do remember reading this post when you first published it, but it looks like I missed commenting. I must have been called away and meant to come back ;) Your swap gifts are so nice! Love the cross-stitched pieces ... all so pretty! Your little pup is adorable, what a sweet innocent face!