Monday, August 24, 2015

it's Monday...again

Today feels like we are drifting towards fall.  There is a light breeze coming through the windows and even with sunshine streaming in, there is a coolness.  Ya for fall!!  I've not been a fan of the extreme heat this summer so I really am looking forward to fall this year.  The downside is that our days are getting shorter but it means time for knitting and crochet work., along with cross stitch of course.

There are still close to 200 forest fires burning in this province.  Smoke from fires in Washington State is heading north causing air quality advisories yet again.  I know we're not alone in this problem as so many places are having a tough fire season.

Sully had his vet visit last week and another round of puppy shots.  The only one that has caused him any notice has been the kennel cough one and now the resulting dough hack.  I've checked with the vet and so long as everything else is ok (eating, drinking, sleeping) then there is no concern and we weather it through.  Otherwise it will be a road trip to the vet again.

It is tough being a puppy!

Mondays are for  chores  and home time.  Currently the laundry is chugging away and a batch of bread has been started.  We much prefer home made bread but during the hot spells it hasn't been an option to put the oven on.   Yesterday I finally tried making tortillas.  I found a very easy recipe and was please with the results.  I will be making these again.

Recently is what I sent for a Christmas in July exchange.  It was fun stitching/making items for this exchange.   I checked the tracking and it shows as being received.

The item sent to me is somewhere in the post.   There is no explaining why some things are delivered/received promptly and others go on a scenic route!  It is a mystery.

The Halloween mailart project is coming along nicely.  Likewise items for the Santa Sack Swap.  I've even managed a bit of stitching while holding a sleeping puppy, definitely not my favorite way to stitch.

Looks like the bread is ready for the next step.

Have a good week!


Julia said...

Those little Christmas tree cross stitch ornaments are really cute. It won't be that long before Christmas.
Your puppy looks like he has the good life.
It must be tough having to put up with the smoke from forest fires. Hope it all ends soon.

September Violets said...

Having the smoke in the air on top of the heat ... I feel for you Debbie! Since I've returned from camping, the weather here has a distinct coolness about it again. My dog suffers from hayfever and has become an itchy mess in the 2 days we've been home. You've made some beautiful cross-stitch ornaments! Santa swap items are humming along nicely here too ;) Enjoy your week, I hope things cool down and the fires end soon.

Weekend-Windup said...

I can think of the situation of fire smoke. Take care and be safe...

KimM said...

Your stitching is beautiful. I'm sorry you haven't received your swap gifts yet....
Hugs to your puppy

Meari said...

Love the puppy photo... ahhh, the life of dogs. :)

Beautiful gifts you sent for the Santa Sack exchange.