Monday, January 28, 2013

the end of January, already.................

Since  the start of the Grow Your Blog  party, it has been so much fun reading blogs and meeting new friends.  Again, a warm welcome to my new followers. 

After many foggy, grey days we had this on Friday.
Actual blue sky!  Of course by Saturday morning we were back to rain showers.  All in all we've had a mild winter thus far.

Cold's and flu have kept families at home.  Sunday was the first visit in a few weeks from our daughter, son in law and grandsons.  It was so good to see them again.



And taking lots of pictures wonderful!   Getting them to be still while attempting this .......priceless.

Two exchanges gifts mentioned in an earlier post were completed and the parcels are now on their way to their recipients.  So the only photo to show is the inside of one gift.

It's been a busy weekend all the same.  Grocery shopping with my parents on Saturday along with regular errands.  At to this cooking, laundry and  some time reading this...............

Beautiful book, great photos  and the ideas..........there is always room for another hobby, right??

Can't forget Quincy,  He's not a team player when it comes to having his picture taken.   Recently a heart murmur has been detected.  Along with elevated liver enzymes, it seems to be an ongoing saga for him and us. 

He is a special little guy.    As far as he's concerned, there is nothing better than having a sock to play with.  And if it's connected.....bonus!
When a hug will do, two hearts connected.
Have a great week everyone! 
till next time .....................

Friday, January 25, 2013

1st boarding call .........

Thanks for your comments on the travelling pattern, Jolly Jack.  With DH's assistance, a draw has been done and the winner is................................................ Debbie Jo!   I'd ask that Debbie Jo contact me and confirm her snail mail address.  I'd like to get the pattern in the mail tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

welcome......and thankyou!


This Grow Your Blog party has been so much fun!  Thank you  for the wonderful comments.  And to my new followers, welcome.  

I'm still visiting new blogs.  Very inspiring, great photography and yes, my "I'd like to try that" list is growing.

Currently I've finished the stitching on two smaller projects (for exchanges) and now have to sew them together.  Hopefully with a day off tomorrow this will get done.  A knitted scarf is part way done.  It's an easy cable pattern.  Photos to come.   There is no end of projects waiting for my attention.  

Again, thankyou.  I look forward to getting to know everyone and sharing a bit more about my corner of the world.

till next time ......


Saturday, January 19, 2013

party on....

After reading other blogs, I'm changing the date for my giveaway draw to February 1st.  The blogs that I've read so far are great!  Lots of reading yet to do. Have a good weekend!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Let the party begin

Tomorrow is the Grow Your Blog party.  It should be fun.   I'm looking forward to reading blogs and meeting new bloggers. 

Welcome to my blog.  Your comments are appreciated.  Maybe become a follower. 

In the spirit of friendship and sharing, I will host my first giveaway.  It will be stitching related and yes, it is a surprise.  To enter the giveaway, leave a comment. A draw will be held on January 20th and the winner will be announced.



a travelling pattern, ready for boarding .........

It's time to share a travelling pattern, Jolly Jack.   Not so long back I was the lucky recipient to receive this pattern to stitch.  And  now it's time for someone else to enjoy stitching this pattern.  If you're interested, please leave a comment on my blog.   The cut off date will be January 25th and I will draw a winner.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

around the gate post....

it's taken a while to upload this notice, part of the afternoon in fact.   Seems that blogger has made changes since I last uploaded photos.................  Hopefully now things will be ok.  Check out
vicki-2bagsfull.blogspot.ca for all the details on Grow your blog.



Happy New Year!

just where does the time go, it's already the 11th of January.  I've been making progress on a cabled scarf and have started two small stitching gifts.  

With a new year it seems automatic to start cleaning out cupboards, sorting stuff and sending it out the door.  Most items were suitable for a local thrift store.  The extra space at home....priceless. 

In the second bedroom we have made a dedicated hobby area complete with a table and drawer storage.  The window light is perfect for stitching.   It is a work in progress.

January of course seems to have it's share of bugs floating around.....we've had our turn too.

Frosty roofs, clear skies and sunshine coming, it's going to be a great day, just cold.

till next time