Friday, May 27, 2016

in the early morning

4 bells and I'm up and enjoying a cup of coffee.   It's not even light outside and the birds are going through a chorus or two of morning song.  And inside all is quiet....the stillness is a time to ponder...

Yesterday marked the close of the sale.  #207 awaits new voices and visitors.  And it was five months ago to the day that this whole journey started with Dad being taken to hospital.  It feels like a lifetime ago.  As much as I'd wish different, there is no going back.  Today, tomorrow and always I will miss my parents.

Today we start the next chapter, a new page.....and where to begin......     De-cluttering will continue. In the past few months it has been use it (or find it a home) or lose it (donate it) and for the most part the process is working.  Working well in fact till I rediscovered  my wool/cross stitch/craft area and then progress stopped.  Much easier to put the lid(s) back on and move on to other stuff for the moment.

Outdoors we've managed to make changes on our patio.  DH rebuilt the gazebo from my parent's balcony.  We have yet to decide on a sun cover.  In the meanwhile the outdoor drapes have gone up along with a string of mini solar lights around the top.  As for the growing garden there is more to do. Last week I did splurge on a mini water garden arrangement.  The half barrel is plastic.  It's been placed on a wheeled platform (thanks Dad) so moving it is much easier.  Not sure if we'll add goldfish but I'd still like to find a mini water lily.  Everything takes time and planning....and moving from a to b to c ......akin to moving the furniture indoors.  

It's rained overnight.  The air is fresh and it's getting lighter now.  I'm ready for my second cup of coffee.

welcome to a new day!  Make it a good one.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

mid week and almost done

This chapter of our journey is coming to a close.  With only storage bins and planters to move from my parent's garage to our garage and one last clean through we will be done.  The entire process has happened in just a month. My list for the month is looking a bit care worn.  Our goal of being done by the 20th has been reached.  Now we can shift focus to putting our place back together.  The second bedroom has become a holding area.  Anything/everything to do will get done in due course.  We're heading for a long weekend so it's time to unwind and take stock.

We've done some rearranging on our patio as well.  As there are lots of large planters available I'm potting up plants and grouping things together.  And so long as I don't move the hummingbird feeder (again) all will be fine.  Apparently the hummers prefer their spot and the night it was missing caused much noise and complaints.   Of course I put it back.

Sully still makes it his mission to find every leaf, twig, worm, slug, bits of dirt and now ants......The life of a soon to be one year old  and still puppy.

By the end of this month things should be at a better pace and a new normal.   I've missed blogging.

Meanwhile, now that it's all of 5:30 am, it's time for some coffee.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Another Friday

 Happy Mother's Day!

This week has continued busy and productive.  And there were some hiccups (again) along the way.  How is it possible to sort keys, keep the 'right' ones and still end up with one missing.   Yesterday after failed attempts to open the storage room door (and many words) we finally called the locksmith this morning.   In short order he picked the lock, made an adjustment to the door knob and cut three new keys.  For a mere $143.00 (ouch) the job was complete and we could carry on with emptying said room. We're getting there.

So now that it's late afternoon that's it till Monday. A weekend off  (lol)  and some time to move boxes at home.  Errands were done a bit earlier so that leaves planning lunch for Sunday.  Burgers, hot dogs and salads, nice and easy.   Not sure of what to make for dessert yet.  The weather continues sunny and mild through next week.  A bonus for Mother's Day weekend.

A nearby church has an annual sale this Saturday.  They have everything priced very affordable.  We took over over items last evening to donate.   And of course I plan to go tomorrow morning.  It's always fun to look ......

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

and the word for May ...........

Instead of a picture being worth a thousand words it's just one word...SOLD...

Call it light at the end of the tunnel but it still means going gang busters to pack up and move everything.by our deadline (end of May).  It's like a giant puzzle, pick up one piece and make it fit or move it out. Thus far we've been able to rearrange things in our garage to include large dock boxes.  The boxes are sturdy and hold a lot.  Much better than regular storage bins.

We did another trip to the thrift store.  We give them goodies and they give us discount cards and garden seeds. Nice.  Our second stop was to the recycling depot, no cards, no seeds and that's just fine thanks.

I wish I could say I keep my "happy thoughts"  ...........not always the case.   It comes down to high expectations of what we can get done at any point.  The reality is some things go better and some don't.  And it doesn't help that my knees are hollering and slowing my efforts.

Today is a new day.  Pick up from where we left off yesterday and make another dent in things.  A new list is started....remembering who to contact and arrangements to make.  The plan will come together.

Outside the chimes play a gentle tune.    Today's word will be gentleness.