Wednesday, May 4, 2016

and the word for May ...........

Instead of a picture being worth a thousand words it's just one word...SOLD...

Call it light at the end of the tunnel but it still means going gang busters to pack up and move everything.by our deadline (end of May).  It's like a giant puzzle, pick up one piece and make it fit or move it out. Thus far we've been able to rearrange things in our garage to include large dock boxes.  The boxes are sturdy and hold a lot.  Much better than regular storage bins.

We did another trip to the thrift store.  We give them goodies and they give us discount cards and garden seeds. Nice.  Our second stop was to the recycling depot, no cards, no seeds and that's just fine thanks.

I wish I could say I keep my "happy thoughts"  ...........not always the case.   It comes down to high expectations of what we can get done at any point.  The reality is some things go better and some don't.  And it doesn't help that my knees are hollering and slowing my efforts.

Today is a new day.  Pick up from where we left off yesterday and make another dent in things.  A new list is started....remembering who to contact and arrangements to make.  The plan will come together.

Outside the chimes play a gentle tune.    Today's word will be gentleness.


September Violets said...

Congratulations! Even though you've probably got mixed emotions, I'm sure you're mostly relieved that the house sold quickly. Good luck with the last of things to be moved out. What a whirlwind you've been in. You'll soon be able to rest and look back and wonder how you managed to get it all done in time ;) Hugs to you and take care,
Wendy xox

Michelle said...


Ariadne said...

Here's to new starts!AriadnefromGreece!

Merry ME said...

Im amazed at what you've accomplished in what seems, to me at least, a short amount of time. It must seem never ending to you. Which is one of the biggest reason I hesitate to put our house on the market. There are good erasons to sell, but I can't begin to imagine the work involved. It kind of paralyzes me.

Please forgive my lack of communication. I've been dealing with some old fears and stressors. My writing has come to an abrupt halt. I do feel better when I put stuff down on paper, but depression kind of feels like I'm wearing cement boots, or in the case of writing, gloves.

I think your weather has been changing. Wendy, in Seattle, has said there have even been hot days. It's been in the 90's a few days here. Today is much cooler and wind enough to rustle the trees. My kind of weather.

I hope you will have time to rest and have some fun after the whole house thing is complete. You deserve it.

KimM said...

Wow! Keep up your energy and congrats on the s ok!