Saturday, September 28, 2013

Pumpkins for Cathey

Happy blogoversary Cathey!   Please check out Pumpkin's blog at  pumpkinpatchandco.blogspot.ca

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Sunday, September 8, 2013

see you in September ...

September mornings are lovely.  There is a definite coolness along with a later sunrise each day.  It was even foggy. Trees are starting to show color....  Nice.

Thursday afternoon and early evening a very miserable storm came through.  It started with rolling thunder, not much, just enough to get the attention of one little dog....thunder, bark, thunder, bark and so it continued for the next few hours.   Thunder claps moved closer, along with lightening under one or two very loud cracks and then TV/internet/phone service was out.   Power remained on in our area.  For Metro Vancouver, in an hour there were 200 lightening strikes.  This continued out the Fraser Valley as well.   To round out the evening the heavy rain started, so much so the parking lot looked like a small river coming through it.  And when it seemed to be done, the rain came down even heavier.  Eventually calm did return.  And there was quiet in the household too.   From all his guard duty/barking Quincy had to catch up on his zzz's.   I made a cup of tea, put the radio on and had some stitching time.  By the time DH got home from work, it was dry outdoors, TV etc was working again, all was well.

It must be late summer madness....went to the market and along with regular purchases picked up a case each of pears, peaches and tomatoes.   The first two are 20 lb boxs which sound like alot but really isn't that much but the time you take some out for fresh eating/sharing with family.  As for the tomatoes, the 40lb box of #2's was the same price as the 20 lb box of #1's so of course it was the larger box.  Roma tomatoes are wonderful,  I just keep telling myself that.   There is one pot cooking on the stove for sauce.  Another batch will be for the Tomato Salsa recipe from the Mennonite Girls Can Cook blog.  Fresh tomatoes are added to everything!  I will use some of the pears to make pear butter.  Very easy oven recipe.....it's like applesauce but with pears.  Once cooked the ladled in to canning jars and a short water bath.

To add to "what to do"  that wasn't planned,  one of the wire closet shelving came adrift from the wall.  Great....take everything out, including stowed away dog toys....really neat thinks Quincy.....DH mutters about getting rid of stuff ...ha!   After some discussion it seemed a better option to upgrade to a heavier style of closet organizer.  After a trip to Home Depot, one large box  purchased and back home again....this box has so many pieces and an instruction book, not a mere page...it will be nice but definitely not a quick build.

Tomato tosses were considered.........

Have a great week!