Saturday, December 31, 2011

final tusal for 2011

this is it, last photo for Tusal 2011.  I never imagined I'd get enough stitching done to cover the bottom of the jar, let alone fill at jar!  It has been a good year.

For 2012, there is a new jar coming.

come Saturday morning...................

It is Saturday, December 31st   7 am.  With coffee made and the rest of the household still sleeping, it's my time on the computer.  

Last night we watched Midnight in Paris (for the 2nd time in the 24 hr rental).  The location shots in Paris are wonderful.  Street scenes are awesome, almost feel like being there.......one day, it's on the list.  The music through out the show was very good.

Am I ready for 2012, definitely!   This year has been a mixed blessing, family member's health issues, work hours cut, beans in the garden that didn't grow...   Still, we are all here and moving forward and for this I am thankful.   We have two wonderful grandsons, Noah and Nate.  They keep everyone busy for sure.

Back in July I made a list, not really a "to do" or a "bucket list", just things I'd like to accomplish in a year or so:

Make a quilt                     I've tried once  and would like to try again.

Drink wine in Tuscany      Too many times of watching Under the Tuscan Sun.

Reach Noah                    
Our grandson has ASD, words don't always come easy.  They are there and one day will flow.              Something I read:   Tell me, I forget
                              Show me, I understand
                              Involve me, I remember

Knit a sweater                  I've actually started one.  Chunky yarn, hand dyed.

Paint a picture                   Water colors appeal most

Knit socks                         Yes, I knit but never socks...I'm always envious of those who knit socks.

Stitching is not missing from this list, as stitching is always part of most days.  There is always a project or two or three........ready to go.

DH and I are planning a quiet New Year's Eve,  A nice dinner, some wine, maybe another movie.

To everyone, Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year! 

Thanks for dropping by my blog, Your comments are always appreciated.

till next time  ...................

Friday, December 23, 2011

photos of the Season

lights on the patio
the tree decorated

a very special stitched ornament received, thanks Nancy R!

......almost Christmas..................

This time of year, no matter how well we've planned, time runs away and here it is, December 23rd.

I'd like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!

We will be spending the holidays with family. On  Christmas Eve my parents are coming for dinner.   We've organized a special turkey dinner with them.   Christmas Day, brunch at the Burke's with  four generations together, I can hardly wait.    

And a thank you, to everyone that reads my blog and leaves a comment, very much appreciated.

2012 is just around the corner, here's hoping for a prosperous year for everyone! 

till next time .........................

Friday, November 25, 2011

pictures please

First, my Autumn exchange gifts received from Carissa G,  This was a recent exchange in our ILCS group.  Carissa's stitching is beautiful, so tiny.
Next, my first attempts at needlebooks.   I'll definitely try another one, maybe two.  It was the first time I tried silk thread .... love it!

Now, a recent finish, a beaded Christmas tree.

And here are some crochet project results............ another shape for dishcloths.
And then there is Quincy
that's our boy!

tusal time November

one more month to go!

November 25th, and the count down is on............................

Here we are, it's the 25th and December really is coming!!!

Two more ornaments are stitched and now comes the finishing, I always find this part a challenge.  Crochet projects are completed as well.  And knitting, not so much finished, ....yet.  Pictures are coming, really.

Once again this year, the plan is to keep Christmas simple, just more time spent together, heart felt gifts ...without stress for anyone.  DH and I will be the Santa's helpers with shopping lists for other family members not able to go shopping themselves. 

Of course we will decorate, inside and out, not over the top but something everyone can enjoy.   No inflatable's this year.  We tried a very tall penquin, really cute....Quincy was not shaken with this thing on his turf and let it be known and the blower motor died on the second try so back to the store it went. 

Looking out the window, a beautiful blue sky and the sun is coming up,  yeah!  After the past few days of wind and rain, this is a bonus.

till next time......Happy Weekend  Everyone...

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

change meetings......

Sometimes, when you least expect it, you meet a kindred spirit. 

Today, while attending an a medical appointment with my Dad, a lady stopped to look at my current Christmas stitching project.  We just started talking, first about stitching, hoops versus Q-snap then about her being new to the area, my making suggestions for her to find her way around. 

The conversation flowed easily.  She recognized that my Dad is strong willed.  I smiled.  She said that I help and that it might not always be easy.  She said even at difficult moments, I should not forget to tell him "I love you".    And she is right. Sometimes moments become situations and we loose sight of what is really important.

Jean has a brain aneurysm.  She sold up her home in Alberta, packed up her motorhome, including the cat and is now in BC, only having arrived a few days ago.  As yet she doesn't have a permanent residence. She has a map book, now noted with mobile parks to review, a notebook for all the things to do, a new year calender book for the future.   In her bag she also had a large skein of yarn.  Although there was no mention of her project, to me,  busy hands equal a happy heart and she's going to do fine.   She will be back to the facility for another appointment and I wished her well.

It was a pleasure meeting her.  I hope I brightened her day as much as she did mine.

till next time ..................

Sunday, November 6, 2011

..turning back the clock..........

to November 6th, 1989, a spring morning in Papatoetoe, getting ready for our wedding day.  It wasn't possible to take my family, so Vanessa and I flew to Auckland. We left on a rainy fall Friday, arrived to sunshine on a Sunday morning and then it was Monday.  And I was nervous.  I had made my dress as well as my daughter's.  Our wedding party  was a small family group.  We headed to the notary office upstairs at the Post Office.  I wish we had asked for a copy of the ceremony words.  After the I do's, we headed to  a park for pictures.  Laurie did the photography.  Setting the timer and running like blazes back to the bridge....after a few times of that he was sure getting run off his feet! We went for a lovely buffet lunch then back home to wedding cake, wine and toasts.  Vanessa stayed with new grandparents.  Laurie and I headed downtown Auckland onward to Devonport.  It was an afternoon train into the city and I recall we shared in with many uniformed school children...........  One stop downtown at the main Post office to phone home and include my parents on the days activities.  (No worries as some six months later we had a Reaffirmation Cermony in Canada for my family and friends).  The Devonport Hotel was lovely. The rest of that week was a family vacation for Laurie, Vanessa and I. 

Now it's 22 years later, just where did the time go?

till next time .........................

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

change the calender...it's November!

Wow, October flew by.  The leaves on the trees still have lots of color, mind you a couple more windy days/nights and that will all change.

Halloween night was windy, dry and cold.  Living in a gated complex we no longer have little ones coming to the door trick or treating.   I miss that part.

Fireworks started last weekend , in celebration of Diwali.  The nearby temple parking lot was the setting for a huge night display of fireworks.  We enjoyed them from the warmth of our livingroom.  As part of this celebration of light, many homes have their outdoor Christmas lights glowing.  It makes my drive to work quite festive.   And yes, there were Halloween fireworks as well and they continued long into the night. Quincy has not been a fan of any of this and heads for his blanket and burrows under.

Today is a special day, my daughter's birthday.  We're proud of all she has become, a wife, mom and career woman.

This weekend we change the clocks back,  and I'm so ready for my hour back.   Longer evenings is leading to more sttitching being done, well, alright, at least the opportunity to stitch but it doesn't always happen.

There is still one large pumpkin sitting in the corner of the family room....and since there is no sign of it turning into a shiny carriage (a girl can dream) ...  I guess it's time to slice, bake and freeze it for later use. 

till next time,  happy stitching to all

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

tusal time

definitely fall....more stitching to do and there is still room in the jar!

Friday, October 21, 2011

October ramblings

It has been a very grey and wet day, all day, till 3:30 pm...and now it's bright but windy, even a hint of sun... and all this will be shortlived as sunset hits around 6:30 pm :(, ....definitely fall.  We've still a few weeks to go till the clocks go back to standard time and I'm really ready for my hour back!

Two stitching projects are nearing completion.  Unfortunately there will be a wait to show you the results as one is destined for overseas as part of an exchange.  The other one, is for our ILCS autumn competition.  I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone has stitched.  A third project is a Christmas ornament, the stitching is almost done and then I'll post a  picture.

Last night I tried some hand sewing.  My goodness, it has been a long time, definitely not the same appeal as stitching, knitting or crocheting! I realised very quickly it was time to dust off the cobwebs of my old Singer machine.   Well I did dust it off, outside and inside and  have come to realize that it truly has had it's day.  So I've treated myself to a new machine.  This time a Brother machine.  Nothing too fancy, nor expensive mind you.  Hopefully this will see me through many projects for years to come.   What was I thinking????  Time will tell if this was a good move on my part.

About two years ago I took a wool hand dying course.  It's always been on the back burner to try dying yarn again and maybe some fabric.  Recently I read on Erin's blog, dutchgirldiary.blogspot.com of some of the types of hand dying that she's done.  The colors are beautiful! Yesterday's grocery shopping trip included a package of the Neon food coloring.  So now it's time to review my notes from class, along with some tips/ideas that I've downloaded get the yarn ready and *c*r*e*a*t*e!

I've been following the travels of Kate and her family on foxslane.blogspot.com .  Her family caravan journal is awesome, so are the photos.  And reading her happiness recipe gives reason to pause, reflect and take stock.

We've recently celebrated Thanksgiving.  Truly, we have so much to be thankful for.  Family- older generations, younger and grandsons.  The time shared is priceless.   And friends near and far, letting them know that they're important too. 

For anyone who enjoys cooking, check out Mennonitegirlscancook.ca.  One of their recent recipes was for bread and butter pickles.  This recipe can be made all year long.  And the results are great.  Crunchy pickles, so good.  This recipe is a keeper.

And with fall, comes colds and flu, parents are just getting over a bug, DH, well it's his turn now.  And with any luck I will miss out on this entirely!  Really missed seeing our grandsons today but not worth passing along any bugs to them. Maybe over the weekend we will manage a visit.

So a weekend is near, hope everyone has a good one.   I've lots of blogs to catch up on, stitching to complete and then there is the new machine to try.....fingers crossed for success!

till next time ..................

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

end of September update

Finally, some finishes to show.  I'm please with the Greek Islands. A lot of back stitching but the end result was worth it.
And Housework, it was quick and fun to stitch!

To the last days of summer,  with two little boys ...................

Seems to be nothing better on a hot day than playing in water, adding dirt and tasting.  Yum.
Yesterday was  a miserable wet and windy day, definitely a stay at home, stitch and make soup day.  Today, a new one, blue sky, white clouds and some sun coming...it is fall for sure.   And the countdown is on for Christmas, especially for home made gifts to get done!

Till next time ....................

September Tusal

still growing...not yet overflowing...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

it feels like fall

The early mornings are dark now as the sun is much later popping up.  And today, it's overcast for the first time in a while and there is definitely a feel of fall. 

Fall is my favorite time of year.  The trees are changing color.  Fall bulbs are ready to plant.  It's time to think about baking cookies, making soup and other comfort foods.

And prepare fall projects, of course cross stitching but it's time to get out the knitting needles and crochet hooks. 

And time for a new look on this blog......
till next time,

Saturday, September 3, 2011

a little late on the tusal

this jar is definitely looking like fall, including the small leaf

Friday, August 19, 2011

Thursday, August 18, 2011

mid August

the winds of change are making their presence felt,  there is a crispness in the air, mornings and evenings and the declining hours of daylight each day.......fall IS coming.

I'm slowly making in roads in my 15 projects on Up for the Challenge.  My tusal jar is looking,  well colorful.

Another weekend is right around the corner.    Happy stitching.

till next time....

Sunday, July 31, 2011

so where does the time go?

 It's the end of July and it feels like summer has barely made it to the West Coast.  Definitely no heat waves here. 

Stitching projects seemed to have hit a standstill, it must be the backstitching!

And little boys, they continue to grow.
Brothers together,

and apart.

 And then there is Quincy....he's taken to eating garden greens......even the rabbit doesn't eat the sweet peas!
So he was having a time out.

Turning 3, Happy Birthday Noah!

And my guys......

And the outdoor pet.

that's all for now, happy stitching

Enjoy the rest of summer!

July 30 tusal

The jar is filling bit by bit.   I thought I would share the sweet peas from the garden.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

summertime, summertime

at last, blue skies and sunshine for more than one day......and warm breezes...and local strawberries  finally ready....

June certainly wasn't a record for blog posts on my part.  As for stitching, two finishes and on to the next project.   Since taking the picture of the Greek islands below there is further progress.   It's nice. 

With a bit of sunshine and warmer days, our garden is on a growth spurt.  Mind you the tomato plants are  dismall, likewise for the beans.  Flower baskets are doing well.  Sweet peas are growing and any blooms will be late... but they are growing!! Yeah.  

And then there are the grandsons, little boys who seem to be growing each time we see them.

They bring a lot of joy!

And not forgotten, our other little 'boy'.  He's not a fan of the camera.  Give him sunshine, a comfy blanket, toys and he's set for his patio break.

I had the opportunity to try a mosaic class.   Family members had health issues and to that end I missed most of the classes but did complete my project. The projects completed by my classmates were awesome.  Some very creative folks.                                                                                            

Originally the project called for ceramic and/or glass tile pieces.  Long story short, I ended up with glass beads.  It was a bit of a challenge.  There wasn't the same depth to work with so when grout (light brown, in the second picture) was added it filled up the open spaces, almost too much.

Recently we have enjoyed many amazing cloud formations.  This one was taken on the first day of summer.It truly looked like a blanket being lifted.                                                                                                          
The evening light is still bright so there is more time to stitch and with that I close for now.    

till next time  .............. Happy Summer!

Friday, July 1, 2011

July tusal

Happy Canada everyone!

I'm pleased with my O Canada finish and lots of additions to the tusal jar.

Friday, June 3, 2011

tusal for June

must be all the rain and cooler temperatures .... this poor tusal jar is slow to grow!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

end of May and we're still looking for sunshine ......

the 23rd of May, a long weekend here and the weather ok,... just.  Definitely no heat waves nor air conditioning needed, in fact, had to put the fireplace on this am....9 degrees is cool.   I'd booked off two days from work so I've enjoyed an extra long weekend.  The extra time allowed for some 'spring cleaning'.

Our daughter and grandsons came for lunch today.  It's always good to see them. No new pictures of the boys today though, just enjoyed them.

There is a stitching update, finally on the Tuscan Flavors.  A few days away from stitching and I can now appreciate that the colors look pretty good.

After reading Meari's blog and admiring all her glass frogs, I came up with this one for my pair of scissors...it's amazing what you find in the cupboard.....

The silver polished up pretty good, mind you it still needs some more work.  And some more scissors perhaps!

Lilacs are in bloom and the fragrance, just beautiful.  The mauve ones are from my daughter's garden. 

The white ones, they are the first blooms of "Mayron".   Some years back I was fortunate enought to take one of the starter offshoots from the lilac tree in Ron and Mayann's garden. Ron anad Mayann have since passed on. It is of sentimental value, having babied this shoot for many years.  Now these blooms are a wonderful remembrance of two special people.  And quite fitting, two blooms on the tree.
till next time......

Friday, May 6, 2011

May Tusal and little boys

Well it's a sad jar I must say.   And furthermore I'm late posting this picture, it has been that sort of week.  Stitching was sidelined during April....work does that.  As of May, a couple of small contributions to my jar and tonight is going to be a stitching night!  It's about time.

There is nothing better than spending time with our grandsons. 

Nathan turned one.  He is growing up!  And he really enjoyed his party....

Noah and mom, sharing special moments.
Happy Mother's Day

till next time