Friday, June 30, 2017

Last call to June

It's turned out a beautiful day with temperatures holding in the mid 20's C and a light breeze.

So here's a recap of what's been going on  here.

The stitching on this piece was completed early in 2015.  It was the last piece I was able to share with my Mom  and Dad for that matter.  Mom held up the piece and read it through taking time to study the stitching.    Now finally completed it hangs (for now) on the side of a metal bakers rack.  So as I type this blog message it is a pleasure to glance over and see it on display.

Hand stitches seem to be twisting and turning.   I'm still liking the slow stitches.

that's all folks!

all the days in between

June 30th ....really....the month has flown by.   The days in between have been productive with some finishes, some wip's  in a rotation of sorts and something new to jump in and try.

I recently discovered Row by Row Experience 2017.   It's definitely worth a look.  Check out shops in your area and go in for the free pattern row.  The row can be made up   solo and would make a great table runner or ?  Many rows joined make a beautiful quilt.   Thus far I've visited two local shops and have come away with patterns ( and of course some fabric purchases too).  There is nothing better than seeing and touching fabric...or yarn (but that's another story).

HAPPY CANADA DAY!!  Have a great weekend and enjoy!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

June has arrived..

and our weather continues grey and cool.  Apparently there is hope on the horizon of warmer weather.

Meanwhile I had promised some photo updates, so here goes... the patio garden is showing a bit of color and promise...

In a previous post I mentioned the Spring mailart that I had joined.  Here is the lovely mailart I received from Joke in Holland.  It was mailed mid March and arrived in my mailbox last week.  It's had the most scenic journey!  Joke's stitching is beautiful.

A gift for my daughter for Mother's Day.

The applique parts on the tiny pieces were a challenge but it all came together. There is something special about hand work.  Slow stitches are simple pleasures.

I've waited a few years to see this iris bloom.  So nice.

On the needle, just a small piece.  The silk floss is lovely to work with.

June brings promise of more sunny days, garden plantings that might grow and summer days ahead.

.........from my garden...  fairy wishes.....

till next time