Sunday, December 31, 2017

farewell 2017 and welcome to the New Year

Why is it that December becomes a blur no matter how much planning we do? 

I'm very pleased with what I did of home made gifts.  I truly enjoy the making, maybe sometimes creative opportunities and the true pleasure is  the sharing.  This I hope to continue through 2018.

On this last day of 2017 we have sunshine, blue skies with a light cloud cover and frosty rooftops that are slowly warming up.   Thankfully we have missed the worst of storms/winter weather thus far.  The freezing rain  and snow caused havoc on nearby cities.    And that's only locally.  Wishing all those elsewhere dealing with winter, stay warm and stay safe.

With heart felt appreciation, thank you's to amazing friends for gifts received. 

With love, our daughter Vanessa and grandsons Nate and Noah.


And looking ahead to 2018 ......

12 new chapters, 365 chances

Happy New Year!

till next time.....

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Christmas is calling

Yes it's been a while since I last blogged.   It's those good intentions....the sewing, knitting and crafting have taken up my time.  It has been fun.  Gnomes are new to me.  There are so many options, knitted, crochet and sewn.   As I didn't have faux fur I tried the chenille and yes green noses as the bauble trim was just the right size.

Simply lights on the patio this year.  It brightens the evening.

Recent outdoor visitors.

Our new Christmas tree.   

Festive bauble wreath, a gift from our daughter.

This December there are still blooms to be found.

Early November there was a bit of snow.  It was almost like someone had painted the snow on the tree limbs.

A rare moment to catch a photo of Sully.

December seems to sneak up too quickly and now the countdown is on. 

From our house to yours,
wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

another one bites the dust

I'm speaking of cameras.  My favorite compact Sony has for some time been doing it's own thing.  The final straw yesterday when I turned in on was the message read that the card was not recognized, really because it's the same card that worked the day before.   The card has been removed and all photos copied to the computer.  As for the camera, banished to the closet.   It's bigger camera cousin is on the way out as well due to the sensor doing the "oh, the light it's too bright" and takes a semi dark photo.  Sure with auto adjust colors it's a reasonable shot but the frustration in between time.  This was the case during our travels back in May.   Off to the closet it goes.  And from the back of the closet an older camera that does work.  Not all the bells and whistles and that is just fine by me.
Enough of  my rant.

Welcome October.   Sunny days continue but boy does it cool down overnight.  Again this morning turning on the compact space heater  provided welcome warmth to the family room.  Starting out the morning with 5 C    brrr.

Here is what  has been keeping me busy:


fabric pockets, knit pockets

When an idea comes together, a photo cropped and photoshop  image idea and finally a quilted hanging made.  And the finished piece mailed to Wendy.

all for now.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

seven to seven

Sunrise at 7 and sunset at 7, it is that time of year.    There is the crispness in the air. The displays of color are almost painted on trees.........Fall has arrived!

While the squirrels gather their nuts, in this household it's leaf gathering , drying and sorting in preparation for fall eco dyeing projects.  Akin to  yarn/fabric stash, one can never have enough.

My stitched piece hanging near my computer desk has the following:

the way to happiness

keep your heart free from hate,
your mind from worry

live simply
expect little
give much

scatter sunshine
forget self
think of others

till next time......

Monday, September 18, 2017

September and fall is coming

Once again I've dusted off the cobwebs on my keyboard....my mojo has returned.

It's been a summer, hot, dry, with smoke filled skies and the eclipse in late August.  The rains have come, along with cooler temperatures.    For most of the summer it seemed even the birds were missing.  Whether it was the heat or the smoky skies sightings were few.   Now in the early mornings it is a pleasure to hear their songs.

Space on our patio is getting crowded.   Sully knows it is his domain.   The hummers have a different view.  And the squirrel looking for places to stash a peanut isn't thrilled by the hummers or Sully.   As for the people of the house, you take your chances and find a chair and enjoy the outdoors.

for now......Happy Fall!

Monday, July 24, 2017

ah summertime

The past few weeks have blurred....I blame it on watching the Tour de France early every morning.

 Short of being there, the helicopter views of the race and the scenery were amazing.   From chateaus to mountains,to fields of sunflowers, to fields of solar panels, to the creative field art and of course the race itself it was amazing.

I had planned to try hand spinning (again) but didn't quite make it.  Hand stitching and knitting won out.

Has anyone heard of Row by Row?   It's an annual event where participating fabric/quilt shops offer a pattern (theme based) for a quilted row.  A single row can be made into a runner, block or what you like.  Many rows can also be joined to make a quilt.  Online there is information by province, state and country.  There is still time to check out your local shops as the patterns are free for in person pick up till early September.  After that, as per their rules, patterns, kits are held till November 1st for mail order sales.  I've got my eye on a couple of Rows.  Locally I've discovered two new fabric shops.  One  only sold sewing machines for years so who knew they have a wonderful selection of fabrics  too.   Touching fabric is akin to touching yarn.....pure bliss.

The forest fires burning in our province blaze on.  Although some towns are allowed to return home, many folks are still in shelters.   It's been a tough go of it.  Locally we've only had to deal with some of the smoke and air quality issues.   We do need some rain.  Over the past few days it has rained a bit but not enough to really help.

Patio time as far as Sully is concerned  is a blanket (folded just right), chew bone, sunshine and of course a buddy to sit nearby (remembering to sit in the right chair, the one nearest said Sully).   Works for me too.  It's a chance to enjoy our patio garden.

Happy Summer!

Friday, June 30, 2017

Last call to June

It's turned out a beautiful day with temperatures holding in the mid 20's C and a light breeze.

So here's a recap of what's been going on  here.

The stitching on this piece was completed early in 2015.  It was the last piece I was able to share with my Mom  and Dad for that matter.  Mom held up the piece and read it through taking time to study the stitching.    Now finally completed it hangs (for now) on the side of a metal bakers rack.  So as I type this blog message it is a pleasure to glance over and see it on display.

Hand stitches seem to be twisting and turning.   I'm still liking the slow stitches.

that's all folks!

all the days in between

June 30th ....really....the month has flown by.   The days in between have been productive with some finishes, some wip's  in a rotation of sorts and something new to jump in and try.

I recently discovered Row by Row Experience 2017.   It's definitely worth a look.  Check out shops in your area and go in for the free pattern row.  The row can be made up   solo and would make a great table runner or ?  Many rows joined make a beautiful quilt.   Thus far I've visited two local shops and have come away with patterns ( and of course some fabric purchases too).  There is nothing better than seeing and touching fabric...or yarn (but that's another story).

HAPPY CANADA DAY!!  Have a great weekend and enjoy!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

June has arrived..

and our weather continues grey and cool.  Apparently there is hope on the horizon of warmer weather.

Meanwhile I had promised some photo updates, so here goes... the patio garden is showing a bit of color and promise...

In a previous post I mentioned the Spring mailart that I had joined.  Here is the lovely mailart I received from Joke in Holland.  It was mailed mid March and arrived in my mailbox last week.  It's had the most scenic journey!  Joke's stitching is beautiful.

A gift for my daughter for Mother's Day.

The applique parts on the tiny pieces were a challenge but it all came together. There is something special about hand work.  Slow stitches are simple pleasures.

I've waited a few years to see this iris bloom.  So nice.

On the needle, just a small piece.  The silk floss is lovely to work with.

June brings promise of more sunny days, garden plantings that might grow and summer days ahead.

.........from my garden...  fairy wishes.....

till next time

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

well it is still May

My best attempts of keeping up with blogging seemed to have fallen off the rail, again.
To sum up April ..... wet, cold, Happy Easter  and sad moments.   In the big picture, it's all good here.

May 7th we headed north to Alaska for a week cruise.   We had hoped to share one more cruise with my parents and maybe in some way we did.  We were blessed with sunshine and warm days.  Our time visiting Hubbard Glacier was sunny and warm.  So all the heavy clothes packed were not needed at all.

In this case a picture doesn't truly show the beauty.  The water was a beautiful turquoise blue.  The snow capped mountains amazing and the quiet ....priceless.

And we raised a glass.....

To Mom and Dad
thanks for your love and support
thanks for a lifetime of  memories 
Happy sailing in the heavens.

We will remember you

next post soon with travel shots, garden progress, sock knitting and hand stitching updates.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

April showers

In recent weeks my blogging seems to have missed the mark.

Daylight savings again, spring arrived and thankfully winter has ended.  Even on the last day of winter we had morning hail/rain and snow showers.  Enough already of the white stuff!   And yes, it's back to rain for us, at least we seen green and signs of spring.

Here's a bit of what has kept me busy.....

stitched gifts sent


Mail art stitched and sent.  Inside pocket and outside back of the envelope.

Next up, something new for me, an embroidery SAL.   In my effort to use from stash, the redwork became blue.   The crochet edging is vintage.  My grandmother made this edging years ago.  I've a few more pieces tucked away.  It's taken all this time to find the right home to place it.  Nan would be pleased with my choice.

Socks, who would have thought that it could be done.....March 21st I cast on stitches and embarked on a journey of dropped stitches, picked them up, lots of muttering and more or less figured out the heel and gusset stuff.


And then things went awry  heading down to the toes......

a tad short but a finish just the same (March 31st).    I'm already thinking about knitting a pair.  This one will be my "where did I go wrong".

With my slow stitches, anything goes.    Thus far there are eight fabric blocks with applique shells and flowers.

Behind the sink....the mango seed sprouted

It doesn't take long to grow up and out.   There is almost daily growth.  

Out the patio door, a bit of spring.  Simple pots purchased, well worth the wait.


And last but not least, snow garland.  For all the snow that fell since December this was the only time we saw this garland effect.

All for now.