Thursday, September 19, 2019

dusting off the cobwebs

I'm still here.   July became August and now  here we are mid September.

This summer tried new recipes.....variations of fermented veggies (yum), ginger bug (still on the go) and cauliflower pickles (crunchy and oh so good).   My fridge is getting a bit full.

Lots of hand spinning.  Tour De Fleece in July was a blast.  My plyboard has been put to the test  and it works!   Now I'm considering a smaller version, a turtle board.  More to come on this.

Late August we enjoyed whale tails.

And a ride through the trail of tall trees.

Bring on fall!!  Soups to make, knitting to do, fresh bread to bake  and  fresh coffee to brew.
More coffee please......

Friday, July 5, 2019

where is summer?

Out on the west coast summer has yet to find it's way for anything more than a day or two. I guess compared to heat waves, earthquakes, floods, etc. this is quite ok thank you.

Tomorrow brings the Tour de France.   And the Tour de Fleece......and so it begins...

Friday, June 21, 2019

Welcome Summer!

Simple pleasures in the garden....Spurt II works well, beans and tomatoes are doing well and
the canna lilies have come up.

It seems that every day we have 'seasons'...sunshine and a hint of warmth then clouds and wind.  For late June 11 C in the morning...brrr.  Pour another cup of coffee please.

Sometimes a plan comes together.   I wanted a small plyboard for the turtle singles (what you get when spinning with a Jenkins spindle).   After looking at many diy ideas online I came up with this.  In the process I discovered that when buying a length of wood check the actual measurement!!  There is a difference between advertised  and actual . 

The green board lives with me and the brown one was gifted to a friend.

My May June challenge on the Ravelry Jenkins group is complete.  The 4 oz braid of Balsam is done.
Next up a spa day (final wash/dry for skeins of yarn).  Today might be the day!

Next up on Ravelry will be the Tour de Fleece.  July means lots of spinning (with new roving to try) while enjoying the Tour de France.

now it's back to the garden to pick fresh herbs....

till next time.....

Thursday, June 13, 2019

a minor reprieve

Yesterday was too hot, 30 C and it lasted well in to the evening.

At 9 am it was 26 in the family room so with reluctance we brought out the ac units.  One minor detail...we forgot where the drainage hoses were put...  eventually they were located, set up and water puddles cleaned up due to the error of our ways.   With the ac's up and running it made a big difference inside  One day's use won't add too much to the hydro bill (here's hoping).

And this morning, a lovely light breeze and cooler.  21 at the moment.  This is how it should be.

Time to water the tubs on the patio.

till next time....

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

it's that kind of day

Cooler again and overcast  so the perfect time to bake.  Strawberry muffins and a loaf, two loaves of bread and a pan of rolls. Currently in the oven, a layered veggie egg white quiche for dinner tonight.  And there went my morning and part of my afternoon!

Yesterday was perfect for fleece drying.  While I continue washing small batches this is my make do drying rack.  It actually works pretty good.  The basin underneath is just to catch any drips of water....and keep a certain little dog out (lol).

Seeds in the boy's garden boxes are growing.  Even since Sunday when Noah and Nate checked them there is new growth.  It's such a fun project for them........aside from digging in the dirt.

And now while there is a bit of time this afternoon it's back to hand spinning  for me.

till next time ....