Sunday, July 17, 2016

July and where is summer????

For July most days feel more fall like.  Compared to the extreme temperatures and water restrictions of previous years this is just fine.  Mind you it means fewer patio days as the winds gusts through and it gets cold....and there is something just wrong with sitting in longs and sweaters in July!

And my blog friends no I haven't forgotten my blog, just sidelined with other things.  It's all good.

Friday was fun.  We met our daughter, son in law and grandsons at the zoo.  Of course before the animals it's straight off to the playground for some exploring.

Time out for snacks.   The benches are re-purposed from  Expo 86. 

The crew headed for the reptile house.  I stayed outside and collected some beautiful feathers, took photos and people watched.  It was a definite no thank you to looking at snakes.

The zoo has changed over the years, owners, name, animals and how much it costs.  Way back when as the Vancouver Game Farm  the entry fee was modest.  Things change.  It's now the Greater Vancouver Zoo, no longer family owned.   Not as many animals but kids enjoy it just the same.  Now it's either foot, pedal or mini train to go around the site.  In year's past you could also drive through the site. This is no longer the case, so all aboard the train.......

to view the sights and sounds of the zoo.  Things change, things stay the same.  Definitely a good day.

All for now.