Wednesday, May 24, 2017

well it is still May

My best attempts of keeping up with blogging seemed to have fallen off the rail, again.
To sum up April ..... wet, cold, Happy Easter  and sad moments.   In the big picture, it's all good here.

May 7th we headed north to Alaska for a week cruise.   We had hoped to share one more cruise with my parents and maybe in some way we did.  We were blessed with sunshine and warm days.  Our time visiting Hubbard Glacier was sunny and warm.  So all the heavy clothes packed were not needed at all.

In this case a picture doesn't truly show the beauty.  The water was a beautiful turquoise blue.  The snow capped mountains amazing and the quiet ....priceless.

And we raised a glass.....

To Mom and Dad
thanks for your love and support
thanks for a lifetime of  memories 
Happy sailing in the heavens.

We will remember you

next post soon with travel shots, garden progress, sock knitting and hand stitching updates.