Tuesday, November 3, 2015

it's all about the numbers......

Sunday brought the end of daylight savings time.  Getting that hour back, ha, it sure didn't feel like we did. And sunset comes so much earlier.   The temperatures dipped to 3 (36 F) last night and tonight is to provide more of the same.

Sunday marked an important day, my daughter's 40th birthday!  We had a family lunch, cake, gifts and birthday wishes/singing Happy Birthday.  Photos to come.  Just where has the time gone?  I know that Mom was watching.  Among things that I had become guardian of was a Happy 40th Birthday card that Mom and Dad had picked out.  I returned it to Dad the other day so he could sign it.

This post is also my 175th.   Thank you to my followers and thank you even more for the comments that you leave.  They are appreciated.

I still can't post any pictures of the projects underway for exchanges, it would spoil the surprise.  DH works late this evening so I plan to put the finishing touches on one more item.

Dad stops by every afternoon to visit.  Actually I think it's more the time that he and Sully get to spend together.  Every now and then Sully forgets himself and tries to chew my Dad's fingers.  Not a popular move....overall they have  mutual admiration.  I keep trying to sneak a picture but no luck thus far.

Outdoors critters continue to visit, some more liked than others.  Chickadees, sparrows, junko's, even a Northern flicker visit along with the hummers that seem to have moved in.  Not seen but around the skunk, a rabbit and least favored a small mouse.  Even if there wasn't seed in the feeder (and the drop tray attached) I think the patio is the shortcut to greater pastures for the mouse.  I guess it's all part of the great outdoors!  And I don't feel any different about spiders, they do not belong in the house!!

Did you ever have something that you've always wanted, never hand?  For me it's been a spinning wheel.  I've wanted one always.   It's self contained compared to  pottery and the need/space for a kiln.  Working with clay has always been a passion.  Recent years haven't provided the opportunity so it was time to shift focus and consider a spinning wheel.  I guess it came down to timing.  I found a wheel in my price range and the seller was ok with shipping.   As of last Tuesday I have an Ashford wheel. I'm excited to get started.  That said, I must finish the current projects that are due to be mailed soon. After that, the adventure begins.  Hindsight was it is, I should have bought the one I saw in NZ back in 1989.

Stay warm!