Friday, October 16, 2015

Happy Friday

It's Friday, sunny, blue skies and promises of a warm afternoon so it doesn't get much better than that!   So here's what has been happening.....

First up, the Halloween mailart I received from Connie.  Her stitching is beautiful!

And here's what I stitched for her. The front has pumpkins and addresses (no photo)

On the home front, it's all about the critters .....

outdoors ....  a small feeder with a catch bowl.  It actually works pretty good for catching seed.   The chickadee doesn't seem to mind the lower level.

The hummers are back.  Now that it's cooler they seem to spend a lot of time either at the feeders or in the nearby trees.

The patio plant groupings are getting smaller.  I cut back the grape vine and have made a wreath with the cut portion.  The hardy fuschia continue blooming.

and the indoor critter....

Sully  looks so innocent doesn't he.....there seems to be untold amounts of mischief he manages to get in!  Mind you for him each day is a new one, new discoveries and finding his toys again.  It is a dog's life.

Sully and one of his gifts, named Aflac.

And then there are the little boys.......

Nate at 5, a selfie with my camera!

Noah at 7, very handsome!

I waited all summer for the pineapple sage to bloom  lol    finally brought the plant in and now it blooms.  

Here's a recent find at a thrift store.  It's a miniature painting by an Australian artist Terrence John Hadler titled Dusk at Euston Station.  I looked online and was able to read more about the artist. This painting was in a bag behind a small frame.  I was happy with my find.

Last evening I finally managed an outdoor (not through glass) photo of this guy.   Shortly after we watched as a pair of hummers played in and around the trees.  So nice to watch and enjoy.  

till next time......

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

October bliss

Since my last post somehow September slipped on by.  The best news of the month, DH interviewed for and started a new job.   It was a long five months for him without work.  The hours are pretty good and it's not too far away (10 minutes by car).  We seem to be back in the work groove again. Darn that alarm clock!

September seemed to be my time to dwell, stuck in thoughts of things that I cannot change and questions that will never be answered.  And finally I came to realize that by being 'stuck' I'm giving up time and energy ...and there is so much more I can and should be doing for my family, myself and friends.

I really do appreciate the comments left on my blog.  I'm catching up to acknowledge everyone, sorry for my tardiness.

The Halloween mailart is done and mailed out last week.  As soon as I know it's been received I'll post a picture. I'm working on projects for another exchange.  A couple of crochet projects underway. I've started knitting myself a fall wrap.  Cross stitch ornaments are being worked on as well.

As for Sully, he is growing.  Every day to him is a new one and as much as there is routine he does change up things.  This morning from 6 am it's been' I'm awake so what should we do?'  Most mornings as it's been cooler he likes to burrow in under his blankets and nap.  And that's usually when I can get some work done.  Ha, not so much this morning.  He is a delight and we all seem to be surviving puppy days (and nights).

The early morning sky was quite dramatic with clouds ranging from bright white to very grey/black.  It's now gone dark and looks like rain is coming.   Definitely fall.  After dropping DH to work I did manage a quick stop off to take a couple of pictures of trees in full fall reds and oranges.  I only had my phone with me but it was still better than no picture.

Having just said how dark it was now the sky has brightened up and the sun is peaking through. There is no explaining the weather.

Have a good one!