Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tusal 2011

Here's my jar.

Monday, January 3, 2011

welcome to January 2011

We enjoyed a quiet New Year's Eve with DH, dog and I watching movies and sharing popcorn. 

Over the holidays I've found time to stitch every day.  It is nice, even if just a few stitches.   I guess I call it found moments.   This will be part of my new routine for 2011.

Also, trying new recipes.  There are lots of yet untried recipes so at least once a week I'll try something new.  This week it was cooking fresh guavas.   OK I admit I bought the package of them a week ago but the time got away.   Online I found a recipe/directions for what to do with them.  Peeled first then scooped out the inside seeds and pulp and then  in a pot of water and boil for approximately 1 hour.   With a change or two to the recipe as I was making a small batch, then added sugar and lime juice and continued cooking for another hour.  The liquid had changed to a beautiful deep rose and thickened.  The flavor is yummy.   I plan to use this as a glaze over a white cake.  Definitely will try again to cook something with fresh guavas.

This afternoon it was the stash.... fabric and precuts have a new storage bin so it was time to start on the floss.  Great progress but not nearly done.  I've abandoned winding each skein on a bobbin (at least for now) and have gone with numbered snack baggies. 

It has been a wonderful break between Christmas and New Years.   Work beckons tomorrow.  The evening weather report suggests a new snowfall for the morning commute tomorrow.  

Below are a few pictures of Christmas 2010.

till next time  ...................