Saturday, January 12, 2019

Welcome January 2019

For what has felt very much longer, I think it's safe to declare that the colds/coughs have left the building.  It's taken till this week to actually feel human again....and accomplish things on the home front.   Christmas bins are now stowed away.

Brilliant blue skies and sunshine outside, enough so to have the slider door open with just the screen across.  The streak of good weather should last till next week.   So nice to air out the house.   Yes it gets a bit cool.

Hand spinning is about all I've mustered in the past few weeks.

And my first turtle of Blake's roving.  It's a delight to spin!

Yesterday's Abbotsford News featured an article on Challenger Baseball including a photo of Noah.  Meanwhile Nate went with his class outing to the top of Grouse Mountain.  Apparently riding the skyride to the top was pretty cool.


Compliments of the baker, the taster and the instructor....... Nate was very precise in the cake decorating instructions.  Noah does quality control so that leaves Mom, the baker.

And a question for anyone using a spindle..... How do you deal with the rounding  ie spindle is 22.99 gr and the scale reads 23 gr...is it practical to always round down or?

till next time.....