Sunday, February 22, 2015

Simply Sunday

Another day, peaceful in silence (unless you take into account the washer churning away and a rice cooker bubbling).  DH is already at work.  This week ahead has less late shifts, thank goodness. There is no time line yet regarding when the store closes.  For now we will remain on our present course.

Also on the go is a batch of Amish white bread.  This recipe is handy as it makes two large loaves. As much as I enjoy the convenience of the bread machine, the by hand recipe seems to yield better results.

The mild weather continues here and plants in the garden are sprouting up.  There were 'a few' planters/plants in my parents garage and as my Dad has limited time to tend to them I said we could get them ready for spring.  Well those few amount to twenty some tubs.....it won't take long to get them ready for a new year.

Of recent we haven't been seeing as many birds around.  Visits by the hummingbirds are fleeting.  Hopefully they are all safe with nests/families on the way.   The hawk visit of a few weeks ago seems to have been short lived.  As beautiful as it was I'd rather it stay away from my patio.

Stitching progress has been slow.  I've been working on pieces to cover a box.   The top has hibiscus flowers and a Hawaiian motif.  The side panels, one almost done has flowers and leaves, along with the same border as the top.  It's been bright and cheerful to stitch on the many grey days we've had.

We enjoyed our visit with our grandsons yesterday.  Even though there is two years difference, our younger grandson is almost as tall as his brother.  It's always a good day seeing them!

As for my parents, a new routine seems to be falling in place.  And not unlike anyone else, some days are better than others.  Still, we enjoy every day.

DH and I are looking forward to a quiet dinner at home tonight and watching the Oscars.  I've made a batch of turkey noodle vegetable soup along with some fresh bread, a glass of wine and something for dessert, that should be pretty good.  

till next time .....

Sunday, February 15, 2015

and the giveaway winners are ...

Thanks again to everyone who stopped by my blog and left a comment.  It's wonderful to get to know you.

Special thanks to Vicki of 2BagsFull for hosting this event!!

And the winners are:

          Blessings in the Country   and    A Fistful of Lemons

Please let me know your snail mail info so I get your package in the mail the beginning of the week.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

getting ready for February 14th

I just wanted to thank everyone for their comments.  I'm so pleased that you have visited my blog. The giveaway results will be posted on the 15th.

 Happily my Mom was released from hospital on Monday.   Things are still busy on the home front.  It's going to take a few more days for things to fall in place.  With home care visits every morning, it  is a new routine to adjust to, for everyone.

The weekend is approaching so here's wishing everyone a Happy Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Thankful Thursday

Here we are many days in to our 'alternate programming'  .....up in the morning and take my Dad to the hospital for 9 am, back home, get a meal ready for DH to take to work, drop him at work, home for a bit then back to the hospital to visit with my Mom and bring Dad home, make dinner, pick up DH  ....  Overall there are improvements for my Mom.  For this we are truly thankful.   It's been a hard week for both my parents.  

I haven't kept track of the steps taken but the daily walks from the parking lot (far side of the building) to the room have been good exercise.  And yes I do feel better for it. and will keep it up once there is a bit less commuting going on.  So there are positives to all situations.....darn, these feet of mine are walking!