Monday, May 23, 2011

end of May and we're still looking for sunshine ......

the 23rd of May, a long weekend here and the weather ok,... just.  Definitely no heat waves nor air conditioning needed, in fact, had to put the fireplace on this am....9 degrees is cool.   I'd booked off two days from work so I've enjoyed an extra long weekend.  The extra time allowed for some 'spring cleaning'.

Our daughter and grandsons came for lunch today.  It's always good to see them. No new pictures of the boys today though, just enjoyed them.

There is a stitching update, finally on the Tuscan Flavors.  A few days away from stitching and I can now appreciate that the colors look pretty good.

After reading Meari's blog and admiring all her glass frogs, I came up with this one for my pair of scissors...it's amazing what you find in the cupboard.....

The silver polished up pretty good, mind you it still needs some more work.  And some more scissors perhaps!

Lilacs are in bloom and the fragrance, just beautiful.  The mauve ones are from my daughter's garden. 

The white ones, they are the first blooms of "Mayron".   Some years back I was fortunate enought to take one of the starter offshoots from the lilac tree in Ron and Mayann's garden. Ron anad Mayann have since passed on. It is of sentimental value, having babied this shoot for many years.  Now these blooms are a wonderful remembrance of two special people.  And quite fitting, two blooms on the tree.
till next time......

Friday, May 6, 2011

May Tusal and little boys

Well it's a sad jar I must say.   And furthermore I'm late posting this picture, it has been that sort of week.  Stitching was sidelined during April....work does that.  As of May, a couple of small contributions to my jar and tonight is going to be a stitching night!  It's about time.

There is nothing better than spending time with our grandsons. 

Nathan turned one.  He is growing up!  And he really enjoyed his party....

Noah and mom, sharing special moments.
Happy Mother's Day

till next time