Friday, November 25, 2011

pictures please

First, my Autumn exchange gifts received from Carissa G,  This was a recent exchange in our ILCS group.  Carissa's stitching is beautiful, so tiny.
Next, my first attempts at needlebooks.   I'll definitely try another one, maybe two.  It was the first time I tried silk thread .... love it!

Now, a recent finish, a beaded Christmas tree.

And here are some crochet project results............ another shape for dishcloths.
And then there is Quincy
that's our boy!

tusal time November

one more month to go!

November 25th, and the count down is on............................

Here we are, it's the 25th and December really is coming!!!

Two more ornaments are stitched and now comes the finishing, I always find this part a challenge.  Crochet projects are completed as well.  And knitting, not so much finished, ....yet.  Pictures are coming, really.

Once again this year, the plan is to keep Christmas simple, just more time spent together, heart felt gifts ...without stress for anyone.  DH and I will be the Santa's helpers with shopping lists for other family members not able to go shopping themselves. 

Of course we will decorate, inside and out, not over the top but something everyone can enjoy.   No inflatable's this year.  We tried a very tall penquin, really cute....Quincy was not shaken with this thing on his turf and let it be known and the blower motor died on the second try so back to the store it went. 

Looking out the window, a beautiful blue sky and the sun is coming up,  yeah!  After the past few days of wind and rain, this is a bonus.

till next time......Happy Weekend  Everyone...

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

change meetings......

Sometimes, when you least expect it, you meet a kindred spirit. 

Today, while attending an a medical appointment with my Dad, a lady stopped to look at my current Christmas stitching project.  We just started talking, first about stitching, hoops versus Q-snap then about her being new to the area, my making suggestions for her to find her way around. 

The conversation flowed easily.  She recognized that my Dad is strong willed.  I smiled.  She said that I help and that it might not always be easy.  She said even at difficult moments, I should not forget to tell him "I love you".    And she is right. Sometimes moments become situations and we loose sight of what is really important.

Jean has a brain aneurysm.  She sold up her home in Alberta, packed up her motorhome, including the cat and is now in BC, only having arrived a few days ago.  As yet she doesn't have a permanent residence. She has a map book, now noted with mobile parks to review, a notebook for all the things to do, a new year calender book for the future.   In her bag she also had a large skein of yarn.  Although there was no mention of her project, to me,  busy hands equal a happy heart and she's going to do fine.   She will be back to the facility for another appointment and I wished her well.

It was a pleasure meeting her.  I hope I brightened her day as much as she did mine.

till next time ..................

Sunday, November 6, 2011

..turning back the clock..........

to November 6th, 1989, a spring morning in Papatoetoe, getting ready for our wedding day.  It wasn't possible to take my family, so Vanessa and I flew to Auckland. We left on a rainy fall Friday, arrived to sunshine on a Sunday morning and then it was Monday.  And I was nervous.  I had made my dress as well as my daughter's.  Our wedding party  was a small family group.  We headed to the notary office upstairs at the Post Office.  I wish we had asked for a copy of the ceremony words.  After the I do's, we headed to  a park for pictures.  Laurie did the photography.  Setting the timer and running like blazes back to the bridge....after a few times of that he was sure getting run off his feet! We went for a lovely buffet lunch then back home to wedding cake, wine and toasts.  Vanessa stayed with new grandparents.  Laurie and I headed downtown Auckland onward to Devonport.  It was an afternoon train into the city and I recall we shared in with many uniformed school children...........  One stop downtown at the main Post office to phone home and include my parents on the days activities.  (No worries as some six months later we had a Reaffirmation Cermony in Canada for my family and friends).  The Devonport Hotel was lovely. The rest of that week was a family vacation for Laurie, Vanessa and I. 

Now it's 22 years later, just where did the time go?

till next time .........................

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

change the calender...it's November!

Wow, October flew by.  The leaves on the trees still have lots of color, mind you a couple more windy days/nights and that will all change.

Halloween night was windy, dry and cold.  Living in a gated complex we no longer have little ones coming to the door trick or treating.   I miss that part.

Fireworks started last weekend , in celebration of Diwali.  The nearby temple parking lot was the setting for a huge night display of fireworks.  We enjoyed them from the warmth of our livingroom.  As part of this celebration of light, many homes have their outdoor Christmas lights glowing.  It makes my drive to work quite festive.   And yes, there were Halloween fireworks as well and they continued long into the night. Quincy has not been a fan of any of this and heads for his blanket and burrows under.

Today is a special day, my daughter's birthday.  We're proud of all she has become, a wife, mom and career woman.

This weekend we change the clocks back,  and I'm so ready for my hour back.   Longer evenings is leading to more sttitching being done, well, alright, at least the opportunity to stitch but it doesn't always happen.

There is still one large pumpkin sitting in the corner of the family room....and since there is no sign of it turning into a shiny carriage (a girl can dream) ...  I guess it's time to slice, bake and freeze it for later use. 

till next time,  happy stitching to all