Wednesday, November 9, 2011

change meetings......

Sometimes, when you least expect it, you meet a kindred spirit. 

Today, while attending an a medical appointment with my Dad, a lady stopped to look at my current Christmas stitching project.  We just started talking, first about stitching, hoops versus Q-snap then about her being new to the area, my making suggestions for her to find her way around. 

The conversation flowed easily.  She recognized that my Dad is strong willed.  I smiled.  She said that I help and that it might not always be easy.  She said even at difficult moments, I should not forget to tell him "I love you".    And she is right. Sometimes moments become situations and we loose sight of what is really important.

Jean has a brain aneurysm.  She sold up her home in Alberta, packed up her motorhome, including the cat and is now in BC, only having arrived a few days ago.  As yet she doesn't have a permanent residence. She has a map book, now noted with mobile parks to review, a notebook for all the things to do, a new year calender book for the future.   In her bag she also had a large skein of yarn.  Although there was no mention of her project, to me,  busy hands equal a happy heart and she's going to do fine.   She will be back to the facility for another appointment and I wished her well.

It was a pleasure meeting her.  I hope I brightened her day as much as she did mine.

till next time ..................

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Meari said...

What a great experience. I'm sure her day was brightened as well.