Friday, November 25, 2011

pictures please

First, my Autumn exchange gifts received from Carissa G,  This was a recent exchange in our ILCS group.  Carissa's stitching is beautiful, so tiny.
Next, my first attempts at needlebooks.   I'll definitely try another one, maybe two.  It was the first time I tried silk thread .... love it!

Now, a recent finish, a beaded Christmas tree.

And here are some crochet project results............ another shape for dishcloths.
And then there is Quincy
that's our boy!


Nancy said...

Nice exchange gift! I have never tried a needlebook. Are they hard to put together? I recently tried silks too. I do enjoy them also. The beaded Christmas tree is cute! Love the colors of the dishcloths. Are they made puffy and round kind of like a scrubbie? Love the colors you have used. My sister made me some crochets dishcloths that I ended up using as facecloths instead. I love them. And Quincy is a cutie! I can see that mischief in his eyes. Hahahaha

Claudette497 said...

Those dishcloths are really striking - Nice job! I like the needlebook - I have one to put together too, maybe I'll give it a try now.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Beautiful exchanges!!!

Seaside Siblings said...

The dishcloths looks great, I love homemade cloths.

Your dog is adorable too!

Meari said...

Ha, that's a cute pic of your doggie. :)

Love the beaded Christmas tree. Congrats on your finishes!

Nice exchange goodies.