Tuesday, November 1, 2011

change the calender...it's November!

Wow, October flew by.  The leaves on the trees still have lots of color, mind you a couple more windy days/nights and that will all change.

Halloween night was windy, dry and cold.  Living in a gated complex we no longer have little ones coming to the door trick or treating.   I miss that part.

Fireworks started last weekend , in celebration of Diwali.  The nearby temple parking lot was the setting for a huge night display of fireworks.  We enjoyed them from the warmth of our livingroom.  As part of this celebration of light, many homes have their outdoor Christmas lights glowing.  It makes my drive to work quite festive.   And yes, there were Halloween fireworks as well and they continued long into the night. Quincy has not been a fan of any of this and heads for his blanket and burrows under.

Today is a special day, my daughter's birthday.  We're proud of all she has become, a wife, mom and career woman.

This weekend we change the clocks back,  and I'm so ready for my hour back.   Longer evenings is leading to more sttitching being done, well, alright, at least the opportunity to stitch but it doesn't always happen.

There is still one large pumpkin sitting in the corner of the family room....and since there is no sign of it turning into a shiny carriage (a girl can dream) ...  I guess it's time to slice, bake and freeze it for later use. 

till next time,  happy stitching to all


Kate said...

Happy birthday to your DD.
We don't have daylight savings here so don't have to worry about changing clocks.

Meari said...

Happy Belated Birthday to your DD!