Saturday, December 15, 2012

it's beginning to look a lot like .......

a snow day, very pretty but not yet please.......Christmas is coming and there is still much to do!  So this morning's fresh snow hopefully will change to rain and wash away.

This year, it is about family and sharing time together.  Not that any other year is not about family but this year it is about simple pleasures and sharing.   There is so much to be thankful for.

Our tree is decorated and our house looking festive. We're looking forward to the family get together/meal on Christmas Day. 

Yup, we done our shopping without  a lot of time spent at the malls.  Wrapping, not so much, yet.  And the baking .....it's on the list and with 10 days to go, there is time.........well maybe.

There has been time to stitch and participate in a couple of exchanges.  Photos are coming. 

for now I will close...........


Saturday, September 1, 2012

once in a blue moon .....head north

Last night was clear and bright.  The full moon looked awesome.  DH had the camera and tripod out...pictures taken were very good. 

The past few weeks have run the full gamet of ups and downs.  Things will be ok, we will be ok and we will move forward.

Come Monday we are heading north, to Alaska, DH and I along with my parents.   Quincy will have a stay at a kennel, fingers crossed that all will be ok.

So it's down to the wire,  still lots to do and haven't even started packing yet!

Happy end of summer!

till next time ..............

Friday, August 3, 2012


Here we are, mid way through summer and this long weekend is shaping up to be hot, right through next week!!   The best part is that the days are warm  yet it cools down nicely overnite.  It's the best time for stitching, knitting and chopping in the kitchen.  Leeks, celery, peppers, so far a few batches of each cut and frozen for use this winter.  As for the big box of apricots sitting in the kitchen....what was I thinking....the price was too good to pass up.  And not to forget, the pickling cucumbers, the recipe for bread and butter pickles is so easy. 

This is the ornament that Evalina sent me in my birthday package (ILCS birthday club).  The stitching is beautiful!  It is very special to receive a stitched gift!

It was time to knit.  I found this beautiful yarn at the Elann site.  It's working up very quickly.  

I've had this cotton tote bag for a while.  I tried hand dying with red cabbage and the result is a soft pink.   Stitching on the aida within the bag was creative.  I'm glad it was an easy pattern and with varigated floss, I'm pleased with the finish.

This is the back of the summer ornament that is enroute to my exchange partner.  I'll post a picture of the front once it has been received. 
Lots of bees this year.  They seem to love the white lobelia flowers.  As for taking a picture, they're not too cooperative!

enjoy your weekend!
till next time....................................

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

This is it!

Another birthday, my 60th.........good heavens where did the time go????

Looking back, I wouldn't change a thing.  It has brought me to here and now,  it's exactly where I'm supposed to be.  Looking forward .........................endless opportunities,  things to share, things to do, things to see .........

Contentment, with myself, with my life and those I share it with.

Stitching pictures to come.  There are new finishes as well as updates on wips.

Happy Summer!

till next time  ..... 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


It's coming, the first day of Summer...yeah!   This morning actual sunshine pouring in through the windows,  amazing after all the grey and wet days we've had.   Today is a good day!

And here is a bit of what has been going on.   The box finishing class has been fun.  Here are my results:


Lots of fun finishing these boxes.   And more ideas for future projects  ....now to find the right boxes!

Garden pictures to come.   Everything is growing but still behind due to the cool weather.  Outside it seems that all the birds are chirping right now, seems a sunny day is agreeable to everyone.

And with that, I'm off to enjoy the day.

till next time ......

Sunday, May 27, 2012

May Day

I'ts been  a busy month, family stuff, work, home stuff.....so just where did May go?   I'm hoping June will be more sunshine and warmer temperatures!  

I love that the days are longer, first light around 4:40 am and it's still light after 9 pm.  I love that the birds are singing, especially the first morning wake up calls that I've dubbed Morning song. 

There has been time to stitch and this is a good thing.   I'm getting ahead of myself looking at fabric and floss, pulling colors...........and then realize be happy with what is in front of me and just stitch!

Most weekends we get visits from our daughter, son in law and grandsons.  Today was just Vanessa and the boys.   Everyone enjoyed lunch and then it was time to head out on the patio for playtime.  There is something about little boys and playing in the dirt.  No fancy toys required and the clean up is easy!

Last night on TV we enjoyed Under the Tuscan Sun, again.  It's not like we don't have the dvd either, still watching the Italian landscapes....one day we will visit Italy again.

Our ILCS group has box finishing class being taught by Meari.  It's amazing what a few coats of stain (several actually) can do to change a simple dollar store box.   And my number of boxes has grown to four.  It's a really nice way to complete stitching projects that were otherwise waiting for a finish. 

The rest of this post will be picture heavy.  Enjoy!

This piece didn't meet the deadline for the box finishing class.  I'm happy that I completed the stitching just the same.

Green box with matt insets cut.
Flowers and fabric below.  The unstained box has now been stained in  a brown stain.

Beautiful stitched bookmark from Lisa  (ILCS exchange) along with a card and some tea.

Easter eggs using natual dyes....red cabbage yields light to dark blues.

Winter smalls exchange gift from Pam H (ILCS).  Her stitching is beautiful!  

And that's it for me, for today.  Wishing everyone a good week!

till next time .......

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Easter Sunday .. the morning started out beautiful, sunny even for most of the day.  It has been  a very busy day with our family lunch, two little boys keeping everyone hopping (no pun intended) and then "finding Easter eggs".......a good time was had by all.   Pictures to follow.

DH is having a nap, catching up from all the day.  Meanwhile Quincy is sitting by my foot, complaining loudly that dinner should be ready  lol it's only 4:17 pm and his dinner bell doesn't ring till 5pm!  Now it's his turn to nap.

As for me, not yet ready to sit and stitch, but that is coming.   After a glass of wine..........ah!

Back to the Liebster Award, and 5 random things you don't know about me:

1.  Twice married, first time not long at all.  I was a single mom for 14+ years till I met DH.
2.  DH and I were penpals, yes the long letter writing kind.  All this before email came along.  We still have  
all the letters that were written.
3.  A very proud grandma of two grandsons.  Noah (who turns 4 in July) was diagnosed  a year ago as being on the Autism Spectrum  (ASD) .  His communication skills are improving, words slowly coming.  Hugs and smiles....priceless.     Nate (coming up 2 later this month) is my official kitchen organizer.  My cupboards have never had so many change ups.   Nate is all about "Oh no" right now.......  
4.  Generally, I'm a private person.   I'm always willing to participate or help but tend to stay on the outside.
5.  to be continued.........................

till next time...

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Liebster part 2

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The five things about me.....later today.

Liebster award

Thank you to Nancy of

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

February 14th

Happy Valentine's Day!

I received the most beautiful card from my husband.  He created an animated card of hearts.  I love it!

In the best laid plans....the flu bug won and the planned Valentine's lunch with family on Sunday was put on hold.  I did get the window decorations up for Noah and Nate but that's it.  From what I've read on other blogs today, I'm getting off easy as this bug started on Friday and the worst seems to be over for me.  DH is running a couple of days behind me...need less to say our Valentine's dinner will be very simple comfort food. 

As for stitching, I wish there had been progress but that would have meant being awake, upright and  that didn't happen.   Still, there are a couple of updates January, in progress,  Quaker gone tropic, I'm enjoying the variegated thread, Winter smalls exchange gift that has now made it's way to the recepient.
That's all for now. 
Till next time,  happy stitching!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

stitching updates

January Country Cottage is underway.  I'm enjoying the colors.  It's working up fairly quickly.

SAL in progress.  Stitchers Days of Christmas. 

Next up will be Quaker gone Tropic.  I'm considering using a varigated floss for the whole project in place of the colors shown in the photo.

Winter days and nights, snow days  and  spring ...........

new tusal jar

Last year's contributions add some color to this jar.  With more room in this jar, hopefully means more stitching done and more threads to add. 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

about that tooth fairy............

She didn't come, maybe it's because I didn't ask the dentist for a souvenir.  Oh well, next best thing, order something new to stitch, LK, so it should be fun.....after yesterday, it was definitely good for morale!   It has been years, lots of them since last having a tooth pulled.  Definitely was not it my plans to start 2012.

Meanwhile I've been patiently waiting for my chart and supplies for the Country Cottage SAL, hopefully it arrives soon.  (Not tonight, DH just arrive home with the mail, no parcel)

This weekend  I must pull the threads and decide on a fabric for the Stitchers Days of Christmas.  I'm really looking forward to this. 

Last weekend we took down all things Christmas.  It's amazing that everything continues to fit in the storage bins, even with a few new purchases. I do miss the outdoor lights. This time of year it's always an added sparkle to brighten the evening.

It's dark and blustery tonight.  We've had lots of rain but also mild temperatures and everything is green.
I took a peek at the tubs on the corner of the patio.   Spring bulbs are already up.   It's a good thing it's sheltered because there is still a lot of winter to get through yet!

Tonight I will stitch.  Partners have been assigned for the Winter Smalls exchange on ILCS.   It's nice to know who the recepient will be. 

till next time ..............

Sunday, January 1, 2012

pass the salad please ............

So you'd think, ok, a New Year, let's do it right, a nice spinach salad for lunch.  Tasted great, DH reached his fill by the second helping, all was fine.  And then it happened, I broke a tooth.  There is never a good time for something like this to happen.  That being said I don't hold much hope of there being a dentist on call tomorrow....... so how did you spend your day????

Happy 2012 everyone!

till next time.......