Friday, November 25, 2011

November 25th, and the count down is on............................

Here we are, it's the 25th and December really is coming!!!

Two more ornaments are stitched and now comes the finishing, I always find this part a challenge.  Crochet projects are completed as well.  And knitting, not so much finished, ....yet.  Pictures are coming, really.

Once again this year, the plan is to keep Christmas simple, just more time spent together, heart felt gifts ...without stress for anyone.  DH and I will be the Santa's helpers with shopping lists for other family members not able to go shopping themselves. 

Of course we will decorate, inside and out, not over the top but something everyone can enjoy.   No inflatable's this year.  We tried a very tall penquin, really cute....Quincy was not shaken with this thing on his turf and let it be known and the blower motor died on the second try so back to the store it went. 

Looking out the window, a beautiful blue sky and the sun is coming up,  yeah!  After the past few days of wind and rain, this is a bonus.

till next time......Happy Weekend  Everyone...

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Nancy said...

I know what you mean about the finishing. I have the same issues. Not sure how to finish them and then not sure if I can do what I decide to in order to finish them. Hahaha But I try. Christmas will be very simple with us. Some changes to the decorations inside and that is about it. Can't have a tree as the cats will climb it and eat it.