Wednesday, May 18, 2016

mid week and almost done

This chapter of our journey is coming to a close.  With only storage bins and planters to move from my parent's garage to our garage and one last clean through we will be done.  The entire process has happened in just a month. My list for the month is looking a bit care worn.  Our goal of being done by the 20th has been reached.  Now we can shift focus to putting our place back together.  The second bedroom has become a holding area.  Anything/everything to do will get done in due course.  We're heading for a long weekend so it's time to unwind and take stock.

We've done some rearranging on our patio as well.  As there are lots of large planters available I'm potting up plants and grouping things together.  And so long as I don't move the hummingbird feeder (again) all will be fine.  Apparently the hummers prefer their spot and the night it was missing caused much noise and complaints.   Of course I put it back.

Sully still makes it his mission to find every leaf, twig, worm, slug, bits of dirt and now ants......The life of a soon to be one year old  and still puppy.

By the end of this month things should be at a better pace and a new normal.   I've missed blogging.

Meanwhile, now that it's all of 5:30 am, it's time for some coffee.


Julie's Lifestyle said...

Wow you have been so busy. I hope it will settle down for you soon!

kath001 said...

Wow, that is a great accomplishment. Consider this a big virtual pat on the back! :)

We have had a cardinal at our kitchen window all day today making such a fuss. Our feathered friends can be very demanding.