Friday, July 31, 2015

wrapping up July

Here we are, mid summer already and still it continues hot and dry.

The brief rainy spell was a welcome relief but it didn't ease the water shortage nor the restrictions. DH collected rainwater from the roof gutter drains and filled two large Rubbermaid bins.  We've been using this water for the trees outside our unit.   It's still in the plan to put in a rain barrel or large watering bags  for the trees.  We can use a hose and nozzle to water the veggies/other plants on the patio but no lawns nor car washing.  Thank goodness the lingering haze from the forest fires has been blown away.  There wasn't much difference in the morning sun or evening moon.

The orange air lasted many days.  I guess we can be thankful that we weren't any closer to the fires. It continues to be a big problem in this province.

Noah turned 7 earlier this month.  Of course there is nothing better than cake

and a party ......

and testing the icing!

July 1st we (perhaps some of us more than others) enjoyed a patio party.  Hey, isn't it all about keeping cool?? And all water dispersed did drain to the adjacent hedge.

Those lucky enough to be at the other end of the patio were spared splashes.  But for Grandad  here's what happened....

And with that, this part of the party was done!  Nate, not to miss out (note, he had already more than splashed around water).   He went from semi wet  (yuck) to bare bottomed  and then declared he was done with water.

Here's what I stitched/made for my birthday draw that I sent to Meari.

This is the lovely gift I received from Nadine of //jocindine.blogspot.ca">Jocondine

Earlier this year Nadine shared a wonder mystery tour through France.  It was so much fun to explore France.  Her drawings and clues were amazing.  Along the way she gave prizes and I was a lucky recipient  Pop over to her blog and take a look.  

Nadine is stitching a Goose Game.   Here's my attempt at one, definitely a work in progress. Basically I'm winging it with my stitching.

It's always nice to try new recipes.  On Kathleen of Four Miles North of No Where shared this Tomato Pie recipe.   For the life of me, I couldn't find my glass pie plate so opted for a small rectangle glass dish.  The recipe  is definitely a keeper.  Take a moment and visit Kathleen's blog.


For another easy recipe, check out the Mennonite Girls can Cook blog.   The basil cheese biscuits are so quick to make, even on these hot days.

Yesterday, another milestone, DH turned 60!!  He's still waiting for his cake...it's coming....

but we've been a bit busy the last few days as we welcomed Sully to our family.  Meet Sullivan Peabody Burke.

It is a tough life being a puppy but I think he's managing just fine.

I've been working on other stitching projects (well until Tuesday afternoon that is ...before Sully) but no photos just yet.  

OK, it's a wrap on July.  I can't wait to see what's in store for August! 


Michelle said...

Adorable puppy! (Yummy looking recipes, too, but I try to stick to low-fat cooking.) Happy birthday to your honey!

Julia said...

Happy August and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your DH. I'm a regular visitor to Mennonite Girls Can Cook and have tried many of their recipes and We know they are good.
Hope the dry spell will soon pass and you'll get rain and put out those darn fires.
Cute new puppy.

jocondine said...

Kind of ice bucket challenge from Noah to Grandad! Sully looks so nice. I'm glad to share a "Goose Game" stitching with you. My goal is to stitch and sew "games" labyrinthe and GG, then small horses (pachisi)and yellow dwarf.

Meari said...

Your post was so fun to read :)

Had to LOL at "barebottomed" and done. Your DH was such a good sport. Happy Belated Bday to him!

The recipes look really good.

Thanks again for the giveaway gift :)

Carola Bartz said...

I can understand your sentiments about the drought and the fires. Here in Northern California we are in the fourth year of a severe drought. Water restrictions are in place, and this year I started a rain barrel. I'm really glad I did. All the water from the shower while it's heating up goes in there as well as a lot from the kitchen. I'm glad we don't have a lawn - I let it die when we moved into this house three years ago and now we have a beautiful drought tolerant landscape with mainly native plants. It helps a lot! Unfortunately we also have many wild fires, the largest of it being in our neighboring county. That orange air looks more than familiar. I hope for all of us that the fires will be contained soon and the rain returns.

Merry ME said...

Look, you have a puppy too!
God's way of saying, relax, everything's gonna be ok!

kath001 said...

Seeing your Sully today does me good! He's adorable. Thank you so much for leaving your sweet comment on my post about losing our Minne today.

I thought I had added you to my blog friends list, but I guess I had a glitch, so I'm playing catch up reading your posts. So happy to see that you enjoyed the Tomato Pie. Thanks for the link!

Your husband looks as patient with childplay as mine is. I'm always so thankful for that. Happy belated birthday wishes to yours.