Saturday, August 1, 2015

Happy August

Another lovely day and it's hot again, still.....our portable ac unit has been going full tilt but it's not managing to get lower that 26 C indoors during the day and down to 23 overnight.   So after morning grocery shopping with my Dad, I headed off to Home Depot to see if there was any chance the had anything left in stock.  Low and behold two portable units were available and one came home with me.  An added bonus,  as the product code had to be entered manually it came up less than the known price but they honored what the computer said.  It all helps.  The new unit is up and running and along with the old one should be a vast improvement to our home.   Who knows, maybe I will get to stitch today!  Mind you that depends on how long the puppy naps.


KimM said...

Glad you found an a/c. The heat and I don't get along well. So, back to stitching and watching a movie - in the a/c.

jocondine said...

This sunday is ending with the return of heat after a week of rest weather. Four weeks still before holidays... crosstitch helps to wait. xxx

Rhonda H said...

Yeah we needed to put in another window unit in the bedroom so I could sleep... these hot hot days give way to very hot (and muggy) night... looking forward to getting some Fall weather! Glad you have cooled down too!

Meari said...

We've finally got a reprieve from the heat this week. It's been cool enough that I've shut off the A/C unit.

EvalinaMaria said...

It is much cooler in Port Alberni today ☺

Henrietta Fuller said...

Brilliant! Now you've got a lot of ACs. It's better to stock these things; you’ll never know when these 'heat waves' are going to hit. It has begun now, with the home life being beleaguered by the rising temperatures here. But you've got yourself prepared, in ways you least expected. Happy August, indeed.

Henrietta Fuller @ Bri-Tech Heating and Cooling