Tuesday, July 10, 2018

twist and spin

Day four of the Tour de France and day 4 of getting used to my Turkish spindle.  I opened a bag of Bluefaced leicester sliver  ....why didn't I try this sooner....I'm finding the drafting so much easier.

That said, still so much to learn.  Tomorrow is another day.   I've been keeping notes by day.  Perhaps come the end of July things will come together.

From my garden, a bonus of sorts...it's the first year there has been enough to pick.  The second time picking filled a  small container.


The southern skies are clearing and there is the promise of warmer weather in the days ahead.

 Nate at eight and Noah just turned 10.......where has the time gone?

and Sully, earlier this morning......there is nothing better than helping to open a present (he only had the tissue paper) ...the old girl opened her gift first!

that's it for today!

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