Sunday, July 15, 2018

hot! hot! hot!

Last weekend we hoped for warmer days and they're here....with no in between.  Predicted for mid 80's at least today.  So it's an indoor ac day.

Here's my day 7 hand spindle progress.

Our squirrel saga continues.  Wednesday evening we were sure the critter returned outside.  But were we really sure, well not so much.

Thursday late day Sully barked up a storm in the utility room...no, nothing to see here...until late afternoon yesterday and the commotion started again.   Still, nothing so started to move furniture, clean the dust bunnies hiding  and then must have moved something and it is a squirrel.   Many words muttered.  Sully banished to the kitchen.  And how to find a critter that doesn't want to be found. And how did we not encounter it in between? We opened the front door with the hallway blocked off and waited.  Still nothing.  A neighbour suggested loud heavy metal music.  Ok add a radio, let's party, even appetizers (cracker with peanut butter)  and nothing.  There was only one short bit of time when neither DH or I was on door watch and maybe it left.  To be sure DH brought in an extra slider screen door to secure the room.   As the hot water tank and furnace are in that room it tends to stay warm at best and it would be unkind to create a sauna for a stray critter. Calling pest control folks at 5 pm on a Saturday was almost a no go till I finally got a live person at the other end of the phone.  He had good suggestions to try first saving him having to charge us $$$.  He did followup a couple of hours later.  Good customer service.

So we are hopeful the squirrel is gone.  The pb and cracker remains untouched.  And Sully is quiet.
Perhaps order has been restored.

Second call to wildlife, a minor hiccup of ants.

In the big picture this is just stuff, it's that small picture.....

So sandwiches at 7 for dinner, a glass of wine and cookies.   

Today is a clean slate.   Now back to spinning.

till next time.... 

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Michelle said...

I don't think Sully would be quiet if there was still a squirrel in the house. Relax and chill!